homes in henry county: Henry County Real Estate Market Finds Ways to Cultivate Millennials - 05/04/14 11:26 PM
The generation born between the early 80s and just after the turn of the century (aka Millennials) have been slower to take the first steps toward home ownership than previous generations. That’s likely one of the byproducts of the cultural and economic shifts which have combined to make real estate less affordable (and proportionately less appealing). While there is no denying that lately it’s been a difficult environment for many Millennials to jump into the real estate market in, there are still plenty of young people who would like to buy a home.
But what makes Henry County real estate attractive to … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: New Home Market Tilt: End of the 3-Bedroom Home? When New Home Footprints Went Yeti Local New Home Market Reflects Shifting U.S. Patterns - 05/04/14 11:16 PM
For decades, the three-bedroom house has been a cornerstone of the American dream. Now, as with the rest of the nation, Henry County’s real estate profile for new single family homes seems to be changing. And last year we may well have reached a turning point in the national new home market: now four bedrooms seems to have become the new norm!
 Last year, a full 48% of new homes—nearly half—were built with at least four bedrooms. That’s quite a jump when you compare it with just four years earlier: in 2009, the figure was 34%. We asked ourselves why the … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Low Henry County Mortgage Rates are Only Part of the Savings Picture Simple Steps to Reduce Your Local Mortgage Costs - 04/28/14 03:44 AM
Mortgage rates may rise or fall this spring (lately they seem to be falling!)—but that needn’t prevent you from saving even more money when it’s time to structure your own Henry County mortgage. The underpublicized fact is that mortgage rates are only one of the factors that affect how much you wind up paying. No matter what happens to mortgage rates in 2014, here are some keys to making mortgage decisions that result in significant savings:
Tailor the term
Evaluate your budget and see whether it is possible to increase the amount of your monthly payment. By increasing monthly repayments, you reduce the … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Commercial Property: Taking the Long-Term Perspective Upward Momentum Frames Commercial Property Picture Taking Advantage of Town Commercial Property Opportunities - 04/28/14 03:23 AM
This year, it looks as if the busy spring real estate season extends beyond the residential arena. Latest reports show commercial property sales on the rise throughout the nation—and in volumes that make it one of the main contributors to the overall economic upturn.The most reliable data comes from the National Association of Realtors®, whose latest quarterly survey shows year-over-year sales increasing a full 11% (with prices rising 4%). It’s an encouraging backdrop for businesspeople and individual investors who are gauging the opportunities in today’s Henry County commercial property market. Despite the vagaries of the tax and political climate (it is an … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: When’s the Best Time to List a Local Vacation Home? Spring is Prime Time to List an Henry County Vacation Home Selling Your Vacation Home in Town: the Season’s Here! - 04/28/14 03:11 AM
Before April 15th came and went, perhaps you and your accountant had one of those occasional chats about your assets and liabilities. If owning your vacation home in Henry County has resulted in more taxes or less financial gain than you’d planned for—or if you and your family just don’t use the place as often as you used to–this spring or summer is a good time to consider selling. If you have lost some love for your extra house, but don’t want to go through the rigmarole of renting it out season-to-season, the selling alternative could be at hand. USA Today recently featured … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Remodel or New Home? The Pros and Cons are Significant Tradeoffs for Remodeling vs. Moving to a McDonough New Home Remodel Costs Compete with New Home Expense - 04/28/14 02:48 AM
Last week’s Rasmussen Reports survey reported that the majority (52%) of Americans consider their home to be a family’s best investment at the same time that the number of people who are choosing to remodel their home is on the rise. According to the Houzz & Home survey, the number of people who planned improvement projects rose a dynamic 12 % last year. Of those, 40% wanted to remodel their home or build an addition.  
While remodeling may be becoming more popular, there are still plenty of advantages to the alternative route: purchasing a new home in town. Here are … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Jumbo Mortgages are Less Some Jumbo Mortgages - 04/20/14 11:57 PM
We call them oxymorons: terms with built-in contradictions. George Carlin made fun of ‘jumbo shrimp’; Jerry Seinfeld pointed out the unlikelihood of anything being ‘found missing’ or ‘clearly misunderstood.’
But for some Henry County homebuyers, there is more reason to smile than laugh over the new popularity of a formerly miniscule part of the home loan market: what I call ‘mini jumbo’ mortgages.
That’s not the name Wall Street Journal writer Lisa Selin Davis used in a fascinating article in their Mansion section earlier this month. She called them ‘starter jumbo’ loans in a nod to their popularity among younger, upwardly-mobile borrowers. … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: First-Time Home Buyers in Town Have a Familiar Question Local First-Time Home Buyers Hear Experts, Make Choices Area First-Time Home Buyers Cut Through Economic Haze - 04/20/14 11:52 PM
 Henry County first-time home buyers in 2014 are faced with a question that hasn’t changed for generations: is it more practical to buy right now, or to continue to rent?
Over the past few years, buying has been the easy choice. Nationally, in 2013 it cost 35% less to own a home than to rent according to that year’s study by real estate website Trulia. That despite rising house prices and mortgage rates. But that was last year, and the experts have been pretty unanimous in predicting that interest rates will continue to rise—ending up somewhere near 5.5% by 2014’s end … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Property Owners see Spring as Prime Maintenance Time - 04/20/14 11:45 PM
The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, noses are running (hopefully not yours)…spring has definitely arrived! It’s that time of year when, if you are lucky enough to own property here in Henry County, to conduct the few simple maintenance operations that
1)      Are all too easy to overlook; and
2)      Are guaranteed to save you big money as time goes on. Sooooooo…
Clear those branches   Termites are one of the nastiest little creatures on Earth. They can enter a Henry County property undetected and immediately begin to munch through your home’s wooden underpinnings. Branches that lean up against a … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: After Buying a Home in Henry County, 5 Useful To-do’s After you buy - 04/20/14 11:38 PM
Buying a home in Henry County is sort of a modern day adventure. At first there’s the intrigue of figuring out the advantages and disadvantages between the neighborhoods and listings competing for your attention; then there are all the challenging, sometimes exhausting—then, ultimately, exhilarating steps that lead to home ownership.
But even after the previous owner has handed over the keys, there’s more to come: a few extra steps new homeowners can decide they wish to take. Here are five of those—things you can choose to do after buying a Henry County home:
#1 Change the Locks  
Who knows how many people … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry Rental Property Gains Make Selling Tempting. When to Sell! - 04/14/14 01:12 AM
It’s one of the skills a successful Henry County rental property investor needs to cultivate: if or when to sell. With property prices on the rise, some Henry County landlords may in fact be asking themselves whether now is the time to cash in. Especially for most everyone whose rental property investment was made during the last few years, it’s already been a profitable gambit. According to the Case Schiller Index, by last year’s close, property prices across the nation had risen at the fastest rate in the previous nine years.
But if—and then when—to sell a Henry County rental property can be a tough call. … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Earlier= Better for Securing an Ace Credit Score in Henry County - 04/13/14 11:45 PM
Your credit score will have a major impact when it comes to the cost you wind up paying for a Henry County mortgage. A buyer with a high credit score of 750 or above will qualify for the most competitive interest rates available; but today’s tightened lending standards mean that some borrowers with scores under 600 may not qualify for a mortgage at all. And no matter what, a low credit score can mean paying an extra 3%-4% interest charge on every payment.
There is nothing permanent about a credit score. Henry County homebuyers who realize its importance—and who take early steps to … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Your Home Inspection needs to be priority # 1. Schedule in ample time! - 04/13/14 11:43 PM
Congrats! Your offer has been accepted and you are officially in escrow. Now what?  Usually the first order of business is to arrange your Henry County home inspection. When you were house hunting, you were weighing so many factors it was next to impossible to thoroughly examination of every nook and corner of every one of the serious contenders…in fact, it wasn’t necessary. But now that you’re moving forward to a purchase, you want to do more than kick the tires. It’s time to get under the hood!
Here is a taste of just some of the areas you and your inspector … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Contingency Strategy for Low-Risk Foreclosure Investors - 04/07/14 11:47 PM
Despite the winter’s chilling effect on all sorts of sales, February saw single family homes, condominiums and townhomes selling nationwide at a full 7% increase over a year earlier. The opposite is true of foreclosures—no surprise, since the health of the market means fewer serious borrower delinquencies, hence fewer foreclosures.
Even so, Henry County foreclosures are still available, possibly because some of the fiercest competition may be tailing off. Real estate watcher RealtyTrac finds that the institutional investor buying spree appears to be losing steam—which could be very good news for individuals interested in purchasing foreclosures.
Typically, Henry County foreclosures are listed on … (1 comments)

homes in henry county: Private Mortgage Insurance in Henry County Bridges Risk Gap - 04/07/14 11:39 PM
Many of Henry County would-be first time home buyers are stopped short when they come up against the need to raise the initial deposit. But just because you don’t have a hefty down payment, it needn’t mean you can’t own your own home. You can still purchase a house with less than a 20% down payment if you are otherwise qualified—that is, if you take advantage of something called private mortgage insurance (“PMI”).
The reason there is a market for private mortgage insurance in Henry County is because lenders face an increased risk when they issue a loan with a low down payment. … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Responses Quicken with Quality Henry County Listing Photos - 04/01/14 11:07 PM
In advertising, they call the photo that glamorizes a product its ‘hero shot.’ In the case of a real estate listing in Henry County, the pictures that accompany the written description can all be hero shots, if enough care is taken. 
In one Auburn University study (The Relationship between Property Price, Time-on-Market, and Photo Depictions in a Multiple Listing Service), it was found that adding a single photograph to a listing could lift the final sale price by as much as 3.9%. That’s not surprising, but what is noteworthy is that each additional listing photograph added several hundred dollars to the … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Investors Watch Millennials’ Tilt to Apartment Lifestyle - 04/01/14 11:03 PM
 Henry County real estate investors come from every kind of background, but all share a common trait: they like to think ahead. For that reason, investors eyeing local apartment building prospects may want to take a close look at what’s going on with the Millennial generation.
For those of us who are a bit uncertain about which group is considered “Generation Y” and which are “Millennials,” there’s a reason for that. Both terms refer to the same group—everyone born between 1977 and 2000. And whatever you call them, they are a very important demographic. According to some statistics, they are 80,000,000 … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Homeowners Note Google’s Unexpected Gambit - 04/01/14 10:55 PM
Right at the start of the year, Google announced a surprising move. It said it was purchasing a home appliance maker most of us had never even heard of…for $3.2 billion in cash! It was a gambit that every Henry County homeowner should note, because it signals where some very smart money is headed: right where we live!
Remember, Google isn’t just famous for its search engine; it’s also frequently in the news for its forays into any number of futuristic enterprises (those mysterious barges, for instance). The appliance maker that now has Google’s billions in its pocket is called Nest Labs, … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Ins and Outs of Henry County Piggyback Loans - 04/01/14 10:50 PM
It’s another after effect of the rise in housing prices: piggyback loans in Henry County are making a comeback. According to a recent American Bankers Associations Report, the number of piggyback loans originated across the nation more than doubled within the past year.  
A piggyback loan involves taking out two mortgages simultaneously, with a home equity loan (aka “second mortgage”) ‘piggybacking’ on a first mortgage. In Henry County home purchases, piggyback loans typically come into play when the buyer is unable to provide a full 20% deposit. Normally this would necessitate the buyer having to take out private mortgage insurance (PMI), which … (0 comments)

homes in henry county: Henry County Home Staging Needn’t be Limited to Professionals Only - 03/23/14 11:35 PM
With spring already upon us, we stand at the threshold of Henry County first major selling season of 2014. If you are preparing to add your own property to the Henry County home listings, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals would like to draw your attention to some statistics that bolster their members’ proposition. None is more compelling than this one: non-staged homes remain 79 days longer on market than their professionally-staged neighbors.
Still, since not everyone hires a professional staging company to work their magic, you’d think there would be a few DIY alternatives that would well worth doing. Of course, … (0 comments)

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