homesinhenrycounty: 4 Tips for a More Economical Stockbridge Winter - 12/01/17 05:49 AM
Officially, it may not be winter in Stockbridge yet, but the end of November is more than a signal to turn to the last page in 2017’s calendar. It’s definitely time for Stockbridge residents to secure their domiciles against the mercury drops Mother Nature will be providing sooner or later.
Even in places where a November heat wave makes it hard to focus on the inevitable onslaught of chilly weather, there are some household winter preparation tips that apply equally to all areas of the country. Here are four tips to benefit just about every Stockbridge household:
         Tune … (1 comments)

homesinhenrycounty: Home Price Rises Linked to Homeownership Positives - 08/23/16 05:01 AM
“Homeownership is the bedrock of the American Dream!” was long an unchallenged byword in American culture. Certainly most Henry County homeowners agreed during most of the 20th Century. That premise may have been rocked a little during the early phases of the Great Recession that shook the country starting in 2008, but as the housing recovery gathered steam, faith in the concept eventually returned for most folks.
The economic advantages of owning your own Henry County home have been particularly dramatic lately, as historically low mortgage interest rates have made the benefits of homeownership on the family budget dazzlingly apparent. One of the further … (1 comments)

homesinhenrycounty: Buying a Henry County Home gets Easier as Retirement Nears - 02/08/15 11:52 PM
One of the advantages of reaching retirement age is that your needs can be much clearer to gauge than they were in the past. When it comes to planning for buying a home in Henry County, for instance, you no longer have to worry about many of the contingencies that created vast unknowns earlier on.
When we were at the starting line in careers and family life, we couldn’t know exactly where our career would send us, so the level of certainty we had when we bought our first house was sketchy at best. Likewise, the shape of our family, needs … (0 comments)

homesinhenrycounty: Henry County Real Estate Sales Make for True-Life Reality Shows - 04/07/14 11:34 PM
The slick, entertaining formats of HGTV’s many buying and selling programs makes for great entertainment – but, as anyone who has ever actually bought or sold a house knows, they tend to leave some key information on the cutting room floor. Sure, real estate sales in Henry County can in fact involve elements of creativity, presentation, personality, all of which make for interesting television viewing. But in real reality, successful real estate sales are largely based on contracts, disclosures, inspections, contingencies, and time. They may be less telegenic, but can be dramatic, especially when you’ve done everything in your power to make … (0 comments)

homesinhenrycounty: Developing an On-Target Henry County Real Estate Listing Price No Mystery - 01/12/14 11:04 PM
There is less guesswork than you might think about establishing an on-target McDonough Real Estate listing price. There is really very little mystery:
Comps and CMAs
When you hear your Realtor™ refer to ‘the comps,’ you probably think of them as the printouts of the Henry County real estate listings which are comparable to your own property. More comprehensively, a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, also includes a broad look at pending and completed sales, as well as withdrawn listings. That analysis will also include and account for differentiating factors, such as upgrades you have made to the home, location, and … (0 comments)

homesinhenrycounty: Wall St. Crunches Numbers, Joins Henry County Homeowners Welcome National Trend Wall St. Investors: 2 Peas in a Pod? - 01/12/14 10:58 PM
Henry County property owners, whether they are single homeowners or large institutions holding multiple rental properties, are members of the same club—at least by one definition. They are all real estate investors, even though not all of them are the kind of Henry County property owners who keep an  eagle eye trained on the value of their real estate investment portfolio (most of us think of it more as just “home”). Unless they plan to sell sometime soon, today’s asset value, book value, or whatever financial term you are looking at, is pretty much an abstract notion. It only becomes significant in … (0 comments)

homesinhenrycounty: First-Time Buyers Profit from Credit Score Monitoring First-Time Buyers Should Check Credit Scores Early Credit Card Thefts: One More Reason to Monitor Credit - 01/05/14 11:51 PM
It can take years for Stockbridge first-time buyers to save up for their first home’s down payment, but even after that hurdle has been cleared, it can take even more time to secure a mortgage -- if they have neglected the other part of the equation. Their credit rating.
Before first-time buyers in Stockbridge will be able to move forward with that initial home purchase, they need to ensure that their credit score does not raise the kind of questions that sometimes derails an otherwise well-qualified home loan applicant. This has always been true, but may become even more likely as lending limitations … (0 comments)

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