hawaii real estate: Should I sell my Hawaii home or do that loan mod? What is a Loan modification anyway? - 03/08/09 09:25 PM
While we have been seeing the news media throw around credit and financing terms at us, it still is confusing to know what our options are.  Many people know people at work or around their sphere of influence who are upside down or worried about job loss.  They, like me, have been asked what should they do with their current upside down situation (owning more house than they can afford or owing more loan than their house is worth)...
It would be helpful to obtain the advice of a realtor, a loan officer who can originate a refinance loan, a loan modification specialist, an attorney, … (1 comments)

hawaii real estate: It's Mango Season! - 06/28/08 12:11 PM
If you're visiting the Hawaii and are staying or visiting a home that has a tree with green or golden to crimson colored, plum-like fruit (although a little larger and some varieties are elongated heart shaped), it may be a mango tree.  Don't eat the fruit that has fallen to the ground.  Those are likely overripe.
Pick the fruit off the tree.  (Of course, ask permission of the owner.)  I like mangoes that are a sunny yellow with some hint of apple green and firm because I like green mangoes.  Most people love the fruit that are orange-yellow swirled with crimson patterns because these … (4 comments)

hawaii real estate: Should we wait to purchase or sell my home in Hawaii? - 06/13/08 07:50 PM
Should we wait to purchase or sell my home in Hawaii?
Occasionally I hear that people are asking themselves whether they should wait to purchase or sell their home now.  With the media focusing on the U.S. mainland's subprime fallout, distressed properties (pre-foreclosure, short sale, foreclosure, and bank-owned properties), rise in fuel prices, the credit card crunch, inflation and future Hawaii tourist spending patterns, this is a natural question.  Whatever your crystal ball tells you, one thing that we can predict is how interest rate affects payments and purchasing power.  We need to understand this effect even if someone has "all … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Getting around Honolulu, Oahu ... - 06/12/08 07:49 PM
Travellers tip for newcomers driving around Oahu:  If you forget to pick up a handy pidgin english dictionary (the local dialect that is grammatically patterned after several Asian languages), remember at least these four words to get around the island:  Mauka, Makai, Ewa and Diamond Head.  With your back to the mountains (mauka) look towards the ocean (makai) and you will be given directions based on geographical landmarks such as Diamond Head (east) and Ewa (west). 
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hawaii real estate: Luxury Townhome at Waikoloa Beach Villa For Sale - 06/09/08 11:48 AM
I have a listing on the Big Island: a luxury townhome for sale at the Waikoloa Beach Villas…a perfect respite for vacations, retirement or a second home. The Waikoloa Beach Villas is conveniently located on the Kohala Coast approximately 20 minutes (by drive) from the Kona Airport. This gated resort community is superbly located as it is off one of the first arteries on Queen Kaahumanu Highway from the airport. Part of a World Class master planned community, Waikoloa Beach Resort, this community is the action spot of the Big Island’s Kohala Coast…An impressive setting where sun, sky and water meet, … (0 comments)

hawaii real estate: Video Tours: Have we thought about privacy issues for future situations? - 03/19/07 04:34 PM
While the video tours may seem "cutting edge" today, a few people are concerned about privacy and security as not every real estate agent has a website that captures the information on who is viewing their website.  I think video tours of surrounding neighborhood amenities or the exterior of a home is a good idea.  But, I personally would prefer to show the actual home by having a face-to-face meeting with any client or work with the actual Realtor and their client should someone request to tour a home or property.  I would imagine as the gap between have and have-nots widen, this sentiment would increase.  Am I … (7 comments)

hawaii real estate: Wealth Gap Widening in Honolulu - 02/13/07 10:08 PM
Since the 7-hour, one-day sellout of the Trump Tower Waikiki last November, I have been noticing an increase of luxury condominium interest...new or newly renovated ocean view condominiums with resort-like building amenities are very desirable.  Anyone else notice this same trend? … (5 comments)

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