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Redding real estate, buying a home in Redding or Shasta County, or just wanting an unofficial appraisal...let us help. From residential to commercial, we know and sell a lot of real estate in the North State. Convenience Stores, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Mini Storage, Gas Stations



Look at what is going on in Anderson at the Senior Center…very busy, and very impressive… 2081 Frontier Trail, Anderson (530) 365-7061 Services SSNP Nutritious Meal…………………………………….Mon.-Fri. 11:30am Shasta County IHSS Worker(Call)………………….Mon.-Fri. 2:30-4:30 COA Friendly Visit …………………………………….Mon.-F...
What is 211? Every hour of every day, hundreds of people need essential human services in the United States, but most do not know where to turn for assistance. 2-1-1 allows people to begin to get connected and get answers to their problems. 2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that conn...
United Way of Northern California Adds Butte and Glenn Counties to its Service Territory At the request of United Way Worldwide, United Way of Northern California has added Butte and Glenn Counties to its service territory.     The announcement was made by Ron Largent, President and CEO of Unite...
Everyone deserves opportunities to have a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. That’s why United Way’s work is focused on the building blocks for a good life: Education – Helping Children and Youth Achie...
My friend, Mike Ferrier, sends out a weekly “thought”, and this week this is a good one and I wanted to get it out to folks that appreciate these kinds of things….always a motivator for me…here it is: Permission to Dream   “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is...
This past week I had another opportunity to go by one of the United Way agencies here in Redding. People of Progress is a daily work that addresses the basic needs of our community, and one of those agencies that are clearly making an impact. Here is the web site for your to read about their work...
What an enjoyable night at the annual Redding Chamber of Commerce Awards function, Chamberee. Held at the Win River Casino Grand Ballroom, the room was filled with community supporters to recognize the outstanding volunteers and businesses in Redding. This was the 10th Chamberee that I have atte...
Success! DONE       15,468 views Ron Largent's Blog By Ron Largent | Agent in 96002 Manage My Blog Write New Post Share RSS View RSS feed close [x] The Weather Outside is Gorgeous...sorry Dallas Posted Under: Market Conditions  |  February 5, 2011 3:15 PM  |  13 views  |  No comments As I rode m...
Last week we had the occasion to visit one of our agencies in Susanville, CA. Darla and her professional staff are doing a wonderful job of meeting the needs of the area, and making a true Community Impact. We were so impressed with what they are doing with such limited resources…take a look at ...
Earlier today I had the opportunity to go out and see the Multi-Cultural Fair at CV High School. It was a wonderful event, celebrating the diverse  make-up of our population. The United Way had a booth in the cafeteria, but the real show was the show itself, with various groups from throughout t...

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