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Dummies Guide to REO Sales This week I began my intrepid adventure into REO sales by purchasing the contact information for over 130 financial institutions.  I paid about $200 dollars and after receiving the material began the process of filling out vendor registration forms 132 times. (about 5-1...
We determined in part one that a foreclosure is prior and included the sheriffs sale and time of redemption.  An REO is when the bank owns the property free and clear and markets it through a Realtor.Which is better to purchase?  A foreclosure or an REO?First, when buying a foreclosure or an REO ...
When one thinks of a deal on the real estate market, one thinks of purchasing a property in foreclosure.  However, one must consider that a foreclosed home and an REO (Real Estate Owned)home are not the same terminology.When a owner of real estate can no longer afford the payments, then a series ...
In the process of selling a home, the seller often begins with their assessed value as a basis point for determining the market value of their home.For example, the local tax board has determined the land value of the home to be $20,000 and the improvements to be valued at $80,000 for the total v...
One of our commitments at Your Family Realty LLC is to educate you on the current real estate market and the place that your home fits within ihat market.  In light of this I wanted to provide you with some information for the various lengths of time it is taking this year to sell a home in Eau C...
As a real estate agent, I got into this business because of a deep desire to help people in one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.  Whether it's a first time homebuyer having the thrill and fright of their first home buying decision or a grizzled old timer who knows exactly...
Yesterday one of my clients asked me why you couldn't negotiate for a home the way that you negotiate for a car.  In particular, he was talking about a negotiation between two individuals, not an individual and a company or bank.For example, say my client wanted to by a used car (after all houses...
In today's world of information technology the way people access information has changed drastically.  The people who access that information have also become busier and their lives more complex.  If you want to sell a home or a piece of real estate you must market it in a way that connects with ...
Wisconsin had it's job creation rankings come out today.  This measures the amount of additional jobs created over one years time.  In this case it measures the time frame from March 2006 to MArch 2007.  While the report deals with national results we will focus on Wisconsin.  The National Report...
There are a lot of people required to successfully conduct a real estate transaction in today's market climate.  A good Realtor brings you not only his/her own services, but also the services of a team of trustworthy, competent, and fair professionals to make the transaction as simple and trouble...

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