100 commission: How Did the CURB 100% Commission Brokerage Model Start ? - 03/25/19 05:09 AM
How CURB's 100% Commission Brokerage Model Started
Several years ago a friend had asked me to sell a property for him. At the time I was taking a long sabitical from real estate and my license was on ice.  So before I listed the property I thought, why should I give a bunch of my commission away to do this transaction ?  I looked around to see if I could find an online brokerage to do the deal and keep my commission and just pay a small flat fee, ..of which I was more than happy to do. After finishing that deal with … (1 comments)

100 commission: Why Are 100% Commission Brokerages So Popular Now ? - 01/13/16 10:00 AM
Nowadays if you take a look inside any real estate office you will find it mostly void of agents, becaue most realtors now work from home. ..Why is that ?  The internet has leveled the playing field of available information, so now old traditional real estate companies really no longer have anything to offer agents that requires them being part of an office or brokerage. Which is why giving a large part of your commission away to a broker is no longer necessary !  
Empty real estate offices are merely evidence of the old traditional way of doing real estate having finally caught up with technology, and virtual online brokers are now … (1 comments)

100 commission: But my broker gives me training ! - 12/04/15 05:43 AM
A one hundred percent commission / flat fee agency is great, but what about training ?
Some new real estate agents try to reason that working with a traditional style brokerage and paying thousands and thosands of dollars of their commission, is for the training the old school style brokerages offer.  At CURB we've got that objection covered. We host an exclusive monthly webinar teaching our Realtors specifically how to market themselves and stand out from the sea of other Realtors,  All at no cost to our agents.
Furthermore, if you desire even more training, consider this: if you just do 1 single … (0 comments)

100 commission: How to Choose a 100% Commission Online California Real Estate Broker - 11/15/15 11:54 PM
Real estate brokerages
100% Commission real estate brokerages
How to Choose a 100% Commission Online California Real Estate Broker
April 11, 2016
At first glance most " one hundred percent " flat fee virtual online brokerages " all seem the same.
You hang your license with them and pay only a small flat fee per transaction.  But let's look a little deeper and see how much some 100% commission brokers actually charge and how they structure their commission splits.
On the surface some real estate companies appear as if they are a 100% commission fee structure, but a few more clicks into their website and somwhere in the 8 point font … (0 comments)

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