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A while back, I posted that I had gone to the cloud!  The GOOGLE cloud to be more precise.  I can access documents ANYWHERE through GOOGLE DOCS.. I get my email ANYWHERE through GMAIL.I can send email FROM any of my email accounts through one account with GMAIL.  I keep track of appointments (bo...
I hear a lot about the Occupy Wall Street Movement lately...in the news, in passing, on the radio.  It's all over the place that a bunch of people have decided to gather and blame the big corporations of Wall Street for the ills of this great nation.  Here's the really cool thing...because we ha...
Not normally one for a lot of political commentary on my blog as it often gets too heated, but this blog by Mike Cooper lays out a lot of very good, workable ideas to solve issues facing our country today.  One thing is for certain, we're NOT going to get it fixed the way we've been going for the...
It's that time again in Katy! If the weather won't let us see that it's fall, at least we know it's fall because the Katy Rice Harvest Festival is here this weekend! The Festival is located over several blocks of downtown old Katy, between Ave D and Ave A and will be open at 10am Saturday mornin...
Ok, first, the disclosures.  ===>Prior to opening Texas Choice Realty as the broker and owner, I was briefly with ZIP REALTY as an associated broker. Their model was intriguing to someone like me, as I pondered going out on my own.  They provided some (very few) leads to their agents and in the ...
Earlier I wrote a "review" of sorts of Apple's latest release of the iPhone. Appearantly they were rushing to market with the latest iPhone due to Steve Jobs illness.He stepped away from Apple several months ago and many are wondering what direction the technology giant will take without him at t...
I had an interesting conversation the other day with a home owner.  He wasn't necessarily looking to sell right now, but he did have a good question.This guy was curious about how he could KNOW whether his agent was a "good" one or not...after a joke or two about how he could be guaranteed to ge...
I have to admit it.  I fell for the big hype.  I've had an iPhone for a couple of years now and while I didn't jump on the iPhone 4, I was looking forward to the iPhone 5 that was going to be released this month. So what did we get? Not the iPhone 5 but rather the iPhone 4S. Apple is so GOOD at w...
I walked into Kroger yesterday--October 3.  I was going in there for a few items for the dinner menu for the night.  Walked around and was greeted by CHRISTMAS! Years ago, I worked in retail, actually in a grocery store, while going to college and it seemed every year that Christmas stuff got ou...
Dewberry Farm is something of a local tradition around the West side of Houston. Every year, Dewberry Farm opens in late September and stays open through November as a fall fun place to go! This year, the Dewberry Farm season started on September 24, 2011 when they opened to the public! There are...

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