home staging portland oregon: Before your Portland Home goes on the Market make sure we can SEE it! - 11/15/13 08:15 AM
During a recent home staging consultation for a Portland seller, we suggested several easy, cost-effective improvements to make the home more appealing to buyers -- inside and out.
Buyers will form their first impression of the home when they drive up to view it. This first impression is important because usually it influences whether or not they think they'll like the house.
Because of the impact of the buyer's first impression, as part of our consultation we always recommend trimming away excess shrubbery so that the house is clearly visible from the street.  Buyers are interested in the home's architecture, but … (32 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Portland Home Staging Q & A: Can you Stage just one room in my home? - 02/17/13 03:36 AM

As a home staging company in Portland OR, we are often called by homeowners and listing agents with questions about staging.  In a recent example, homeowners were about to put their updated home on the market, and their  formal living room (the first room you see upon entering) had been the "pool table" room.  The sellers knew they should remove the pool table (they'd watched HGTV, after all) but they didn't have enough furniture to make the living room feel inviting to potential buyers.
Their smart listing agent suggested that they hire Room Solutions Staging to furnish this room appropriately … (32 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Keep your Home Looking Good for Showings: Tips from a Portland Stager - 01/28/13 03:19 PM

When our Portland home staging company works with sellers and Realtors, we give them Tips to keep the house looking great for the Open House & showings. Before the house goes on the market, sellers are usually advised to clean their home like there's no tomorrow, remove excess furniture to create a great traffic flow, pack away all the personal photos, collectibles & "stuff" that everyone accumulates, clean up the yard, etc.

But how to KEEP the house looking ready for a showing with short notice? Whether the sellers did the staging themselves or had a staging consultation with … (32 comments)

home staging portland oregon: I Didn't Get the Job -- but this Seller Still Made My Day! - 01/06/13 04:15 AM

When you operate a small business, sometimes the marketing activities you find most useful don't work in every situation. A smart business owner tries a variety of ways to  find clients, and then keeps them happy in hopes that they'll refer others to you in the future.
You never know when the small things you do in your day-to-day business will result in something bigger later on. Planting seeds is something we should do continuously, since that usually ensures that a later harvest will come our way.
This week I was contacted by homeowners whose large country home had been … (56 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Can Staging Help Unlock the Appeal of a Very Small Portland Home? - 11/06/12 05:35 AM

Recently our Portland home staging company was hired to stage a very small home in a lovely 55+ retirement community.  Their model apartment was ready for a new resident and I previewed the property to find that it was just over 600 sq ft. When staging such a small space, you want to make sure that you accomplish a few important goals:

Show the Function of each space clearly Don't over-crowd those spaces with too much furniture Ensure the space looks warm and inviting, where the target buyer would want to spend time whether alone or when entertaining friends … (67 comments)

home staging portland oregon: When a Baby Grand Can't Play the Right Tune to Sell Your Home - 09/07/12 03:12 PM
Update:  This home had a pending sale just 3 days after going on the market!
It's hard to find home furnishings that can outshine the quality of a well-made grand piano. Whether you play it or just admire it's beauty, it's an impressive instrument.  Our Portland home staging company recently helped prepare a charming 1911 bungalow for selling.
During our first visit to this enchanting home it was impossible to ignore the biggest feature that straddled the living & dining rooms ... a lovely baby grand!  Here's how the living room looked Before staging:
We knew that this home had … (33 comments)

home staging portland oregon: How Do Your Clients Find You? - 08/03/12 05:36 AM
How Do Your Clients Find You?
One of the questions we love to ask new or prospective clients is, "How did you find us?"  As a home stager in Portland Oregon, I've found that knowing how people hear about your company or find you online is helpful for future marketing planning.
When I ask this question of new callers on the phone, we hear a variety of answers ....
  Thanks, AR!  The value of your AR membership can't be overestimated!  Having an AR Outside Blog to your website is a great way for people to learn more about you and how you … (31 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Dogs keep Following Me to my Staged Homes in Portland! - 07/08/12 01:48 PM
Dogs seem to be following me to work lately ... of course I don't mind, because I've been a dog lover all my life.  Most of my baby photos show me with Cookie and Chubby, the family English bulldogs...
            Other family dogs represented various breeds, and one of our Irish setter pups was selected for a Disney movie years ago called "Big Red"...  
We love living in Portland Oregon, which has been recognized as the #1 Most Dog-Friendly City in the U.S.!  
I guess it's no surprise … (41 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Laurelhurst Colonial Revival Home ~ Staged and Sold! - 07/07/12 06:02 AM
Laurelhurst Colonial Revival Home
3444 NE Hassalo, Portland OR 97232
Immaculate home in Laurelhurst with gorgeous landscaping, beautiful master suite, gleaming wood floors, fireplace, plenty of storage, updated kitchen and baths -- the character and charm of 1923 with today's conveniences. 
This turn-key home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, in 2,834 sq ft.
For more information please contact Aaron Rian of Keller Williams Portland Premiere @ 503.328.9335

~ Staging and Interior Photos by Room Solutions Staging ~

home staging portland oregon: Can You Stage Your Home in Portland Oregon for just $175? - 07/04/12 04:03 AM

Can You Stage Your Home in Portland Oregon for just $175?
Will it help your home to sell faster?
The answer to both questions is "YES!" you can stage your Portland Oregon home for just $175 when you hire Room Solutions Staging for a Verbal walk-through Consultation; and our staging statistics show that it will sell faster than un-staged homes.  What can we do for you? Here's what's included in our popular 2-hour Verbal Consultation service:
A review of every room in your home, with advice on the best furniture placement and how to create a great traffic flow from one space to another How to create focal points in each … (38 comments)

home staging portland oregon: The Power of Home Staging as seen in Before & After Photos - 05/31/12 02:38 PM
Every once in a while, even professional home stagers are surprised at the transformations that are possible as we stage both vacant and occupied homes.
One recent home staging project in Portland OR involved several phases. When the homeowners first contacted us, their home had been on the market for a few months and buyer feedback was that it appeared "too cluttered and dated."  First, the sellers asked us for a Home Staging Consultation so that they'd know what to pack up and put into storage as well as what easy cosmetic fixes would help their home look more appealing to … (40 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Making the Master Bedroom Memorable: Home Staging Portland OR - 05/27/12 11:52 AM
When buyers are looking at homes, if the master bedroom is Vacant it's difficult for most people to make an emotional connection with this room.  You might ask "why is this important?"   As professional home stagers in Portland Oregon, we know that the master bedroom is a room that should convey "this is a peaceful retreat, a place where you can escape from the pressures of your day, and relax."
This week we staged several vacant homes and we found that all of the master bedrooms benefited from staging.  Here are some Before & After photos of Master Bedrooms in Portland, … (33 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Keeping it in the Family: Home Staging Portland Oregon - 05/19/12 03:06 PM
As a home stager in Portland Oregon, I love to help clients sell their home quickly.  Recently I had the honor of staging a beautifully remodeled home for a dynamic young couple who are repeat clients; the husband is a talented contractor and his wife is a savvy Realtor -- together, they're a formidable team!  This home had a pending sale justone week after listing!  Here are some Before & After photos of just a few of the rooms that we staged in this gorgeous home.
Before, this open space might confuse buyers
Staging a dining area & a conversation … (26 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Does Home Staging Work? The Sunday Oregonian newspaper says it does ... - 04/29/12 05:39 AM

The real estate "season" is in full swing in Portland, Oregon and other markets across the country.  Many areas are seeing increased activity and less inventory, a welcome change from the past few years.  One of the marketing tools available to agents and homeowners is home staging, and savvy consumers are discovering how staging can help homes sell faster. 
Home staging is one part of the winning formula, which also includes: 
A listing agent with great marketing expertise Sellers who listen to their agent's advice on the best listing price A home that is in good condition and presented well … (19 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Staged on Thursday ~ listed Friday ~ Under Contract Sunday! Home Staging in Portland OR - 04/15/12 05:13 AM
Staged on Thursday ~ listed Friday ~ Under Contract Sunday!  Home Staging in Portland OR
As professional home stagers in Portland OR, we love helping our clients reach their goals of a quick home sale so that they can move on to the next phase of their lives.   Recently we staged a Portland home that was listed on Friday, and had a pending sale on Sunday!  Our staging services include helpful tips for easy cosmetic updates that help sell homes faster.
Here are some Before & After photos of this home staging project
The dining room accent wall color … (27 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Dog GONE It! Please Leave Canines Out of the Photos ~ Home Staging Tips - 03/18/12 10:08 AM

Don't misunderstand ... I come from a family of dog lovers  and have had the good fortune to have had wonderful dogs most of my life.  But if my house was on the market, there would be no online photos of my dog, and little evidence of them living in the house, once potential buyers came in person. 
Why?  Because potential buyers may be allergic to pets, or they may be afraid of dogs.  
If a buyer sees dogs in the online photos, right away they imagine that the house may not be as clean as they'd like ... … (78 comments)

home staging portland oregon: 3 Days on the Market, 2 Offers, and $OLD: Home Staging Success in Portland Oregon - 03/09/12 03:37 PM
The day that we completed the staging of this remodeled home in a Portland suburb, I just KNEW it was going to sell quickly:  the house had an open, modern, updated feel and was well-priced by an experienced listing agent.  The sellers had already moved to their new home, and we staged this house to appeal to someone who loves to entertain ... there are great entertaining  areas on both levels of this lovely home. 
What I really appreciated was hearing from the listing Realtor (who has 30+ years experience in the business) that she thought the staging really contributed to … (29 comments)

home staging portland oregon: The Listing Agent Said Home Staging Might Help ... - 03/04/12 05:17 AM
Sometimes when a home has been on the market a little while, the listing agent and homeowner assess how they could increase showings and interest in the property.  This is the case of a home that we staged recently in Portland OR:  it was on the market for a few weeks, but no offers were forthcoming and the house lacked color and energy.  Although they didn't plan to make big changes, the listing agent knew that staging and better photos could help increase interest from potential buyers.
Here are some Before & After photos showing what we did to add energy … (27 comments)

home staging portland oregon: What Kind of Home Do Buyers Want to See? - 02/24/12 07:38 AM
Most buyers today want to see a home that's Move-in Ready:  clean, freshly-painted, with the cosmetic work already done, and one that shows as spacious and full of light.  Buyers also want to be able to "relate" to the house.
If sellers present a Vacant home that doesn't meet the criteria of today's picky buyers, the price will have to reflect the home's condition, and the home may sit on the market a lot longer.
Alternatively, staging can help a home look it's best because professional staging includes addressing any cosmetic issues before furnishings are brought into the home.
Which Room Would … (27 comments)

home staging portland oregon: Staged on Monday ~ SOLD on Friday! Home Staging Success in Portland OR - 02/12/12 09:23 AM
As a home staging company based in Portland Oregon, we love helping our clients sell their homes faster!  This week we staged a home in Happy Valley Oregon that had been on the market for two months;  the listing agent told us that buyers weren't excited about the property, even though they'd had a good number of showings.  She said that buyers often commented that they didn't like the backyard.   As professional home stagers, we knew that by making the house itself look amazing, buyers wouldn't be as worried about the un-landscaped backyard.
Room Solutions Staging staged this home on Monday … (32 comments)

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