technology: Are we stuck with the not so ActiveKEY from GE...How many more bad products are we stuck with? - 02/26/09 04:51 AM

Why should we be stuck using a sub standard tool? Why is there no competition? Who makes these decisions for us?
The only plus to this new key is that it synchronizes automatically, but it doesn't matter much because you will not be able to use it, because it runs out of batteries.  They should give us the car charger for free, just because it doesn't hold a charge and because we have to lug around something bigger and clumpier. I was in the professional development committee for many years and never once was I asked what I … (10 comments)

technology: How Many Activerain members Network on Facebook? - 10/23/08 02:06 PM
Are you an Active Rain member that uses Facebook for Networking? | BuzzDash polls
If you are not maybe you should be, tapping into your past could be a great source of income. In less than 2 months I found close to 150 frieinds from High School that are scattered all over the world and know I continue looking, I am sure that more than one of them will be doing business with me. and the best part is they already now me. I am also enjoying the mental excercises remembering names and things we did. It is a great … (36 comments)

technology: Talking Blogg on Active Rain!!! How did I do that???? I need feed back. pls - 10/22/08 04:00 PM
How did they do that??? I am sure you will be asking yourself the same question. In this blog I will be posting information about different things I learn or find. If you are interested in finding out how they are done I will gladly show you.I am constantly playing around with, widgets, gadgets, code, podcasting, audio casting and video casting. As I come across things that I see I will post them here, also if you find something send me the link, I am pretty good at figuring things out.... Remember to let me know what you think!!! Even, if … (5 comments)

technology: You are in my BUSINESS!!! The benefits of catch all Emails... - 11/06/06 11:12 AM
Many years back, I found out that the settings can be changed in the way you receive your email, or you can request the settings be changed by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) This is how I started STAGING my emails.
I set my email up to receive emails in a catch all format so that no matter what comes in; I get it.  At first people were telling me that I was crazy (which I already know I am, and wouldn’t want to be any other way). Even the ISP told me that it wasn’t a good Idea, … (6 comments)

technology: Blog topic #3, Real Estate Technology - 11/01/06 07:24 AM
The pros and cons of Technology
Sometimes we can get completely overwhelmed with the new gadgets coming out the new software that is out there. We have not even begun to use the features of the new toy and we are ready to take on a new one. I think technology can be addiction forming.
I think that any of us spends a whole day with the computer and the cell phone off and we will feel as if our whole world came to an end.
We get caught up in the presentation of things at times and forget about functionality. We can use … (0 comments)

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