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My blogs will contain short articles on risk management, ethics, data base management, buyer and seller agencies, technology, advertising & marketing, and personal anecodotes. I welcome your insights about ways to improve client services and to "work smarter, not harder." By sharing some of the challenges that I have encountered in the real estate field, I hope to help newer agents to avoid these same pitfalls.



As REALTORS® representing buyers, we are responsible for verifying the zoning classification of each and every property (within ten days) according to the NAR standard contract. Perhaps I am naïve in believing that documents recorded in the county courthouse about a property's zoning classificati...
I will be getting a new listing soon. It is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind home, professional office and guest quarters designed by a local architect.  The trio of buildings are entwined harmoniously with the natural surroundings.  The interior design boasts cherry cabinets, marble floors, top-of-the-...
Sometimes I would like to escape mentally to a serene place that I could conjure up at a moment's notice.   Today was "one of those days!" It all began this morning at 7:20 AM with a message left on my cell phone.  The prior evening my out-of-town buyers had signed a purchase sales agreement for...
The thought of becoming a "household" name (excuse the pun) never occurred to me until two years ago today, July 10, 2006. This was the first day of my new career as a professional real estate agent.  Prior to that time, I was a teacher and counselor for more than 30 years.  Rather than having to...
I was probably one of the last REALTORS in PA to GPS for my car. Some of the excuses I used were  1)  to expensive  2)  too hard to use   3) want to learn the routes myself  4) confused how to operate it  and 5) confused about which one to buy. Yesterday, my out-of-town clients offered to plug in...
NOTES FROM THE BABY BOOMER BLOGGER I did it!  I inserted my first graphics icon! It took me a month to figure out how to do it, though. The evolution from a first-grader using an inkwell and blotter to a Baby Boomer Blogger is complete! Who would have thought that I would have experienced these ...
Sometimes we get so busy and involved in the real estate business, that we overlook the obvious when it comes to the condition of our parents' and grandparents homes.  On a regular basis, we prepare older homeowners to "downsize," move into assisting living facilities, or into more accessible, on...

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