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Like many others, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's news item regarding Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater's melt down recently.  For those of you who missed the story, after many years of service giving passengers the option of chicken or meat, he lost it with a female passenger who was rude...
Virtual Brokerages: The way of the future, or the way of the electric car? I think the concept of a virtual brokerage is very cool.  And I think a few years ago, it may have been thought of as the way of the industry. But how many virtual brokerages to you know of?  I don't know of too many mysel...
What do you advise your buyers when you're presented with a "best and final" multiple counter offer? Once again, I'm interested in seeing what other agents strategy is, both presently and historically, when your buyers are in a multiple counter offer situation and presented with a "best and final...
Avoiding the "Heebie-Jeebies": How to keep your buyers looking at the bigger picture....... Ideal buyers are those that are seasoned, educated, and understand the purchase process completely.  Even better, they have bought and sold homes before. But as we all know, not all buyers are like that. C...
  Welcome to Ralph's Weekly Feature: Two Truths and a Lie: Guess Which One Is The Lie? Each week, I'm going to feature one Active Rain Member, with their photo, and what they are going to do is tell you 2 Truths about them and 1 Lie. The object of the game is to guess which of the 3 bits of trivi...

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