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When I was 12 years old a teacher, Mr. Mitchell, assigned a daily writing task to our class.  He introduced me to my first journal, to writing, and to an outlet that would become a life source for me.  I discovered a meditative tool that has helped me survive the challenges of life.  I still have...
  Please allow me to share a few reasons why I am so proud to be part of the AmeriTitle family…if you haven’t already aligned yourself with AmeriTitle here are 6 reasons why you should consider it: Best Customer Service CUSTOMER SERVICE: Chad Cripe & Gabe Valdez are serious about service. AmeriTi...
  We've arrived at the final installment of this series.  You can find links to cruise through the entire series at the bottom of this post.    Here we'll cover: How do we find the time? Monitor your reputation How to stay on track, accountable & results driven   How do we find the time? Set goal...
Greetings!  This is part five of a six part series.  If you want to see other segments go to the bottom of this post...   Time Management – Priority List / Schedule   Begin by scheduling an appointment with yourself.  (Initial set-up, monthly, weekly, daily maintenance.)    Create a list of every...
To visit past installments...       Why social media / Internet marketing is important - (Part ONE) Where are you in the realm of this social media mania? (Part TWO) Goal / Strategy - SWOT, 10 Strategy Questions, Action Plan Ok I'm excited - where do I start?  (Part FOUR) (Google Tools) Ok I'm ex...
Here is the latest Distressed Property Sale Report for April 2011. Click here for the full report     50.3% of all sales transactions were ‘distressed’ last month in Marion County It took an average of 205 days for banks to sell an REO property once they took it back and 480 total days from 1st ...
  Continuing on "where to focus your efforts first" after you have your strategy and goals in place...   (Be sure to check out Part ONE through FOUR if you want to start at the beginning of this series.)   ActiveRain I LOVE ActiveRain.  While it causes me some frustration at times and yes the pri...
  Week Three Results:   Last week was a record breaking success, raising funds for the Salem / Keizer Education Foundation The excitement level was through the roof! We can’t do this without your attendance and support so THANK YOU for a hugely successful night.   ♪ ♫ The three finalists who earn...
  Welcome to part four of intentional social media and Internet presence.  If you missed the first installments you can find them here...   Why social media / Internet marketing is important - (Part ONE) Where are you in the realm of this social media mania?  (Part TWO) Goal / Strategy - SWOT, 10...
  Aside from my family, two of my life-loves are writing and food.  To be awarded the “Feed-a-Foodie” dinner from the Silver Grille (Chef Jeff Nizlek) and Extreme Chocolates (Chef Carrie Wong) for writing an essay about food equates to pure exultation.  When I found out I won I had to lay down on...

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