amerititle: Quick Animated Movies - 06/27/11 10:16 AM
If you feel a little awkward in front of a video camera but you want to build a video for YouTube (one of the busiest rooms on the web), you might consider checking out GoAnimate.  This is a fun, easy (and free) tool that allows you to create animated videos.  You can access it from the YouTube site or go directly to the GoAnimate site.
Think about how you can incorporate this into your business.  It's fun and different!
Here is a one minute movie that took three minutes to create...
Happy marketing and business promotion to you!

amerititle: FaceBook Ap of the Day - Celebrate Birthdays - 06/22/11 06:59 AM
I like to help my friends, family, and clients feel special on their birthdays with a personal visit and a card.  Let your sphere know you genuinely care and celebrate their special day.
My favorite tool to keep track of birthdays and plan ahead for those visits is FaceBook.  This is a great ap and with over 4 million users this may be old news to you.  However, if you aren't one of these 4 million users - here's how to get this GREAT birthday tracker...
Type in 'Birthday Calendar' in the search box at the top of your FaceBook

amerititle: The Lessons in Blogging Every Day in the Month of May - 05/31/11 04:57 AM
When I was 12 years old a teacher, Mr. Mitchell, assigned a daily writing task to our class.  He introduced me to my first journal, to writing, and to an outlet that would become a life source for me.  I discovered a meditative tool that has helped me survive the challenges of life.  I still have that very first yellow, spiral bound journal and the hundreds that have followed it.
Visiting with friends over the week-end, we were discussing our favorite authors and books.  I shared that I would read a thousand page book to find that one paragraph or … (6 comments)

amerititle: AmeriTitle - 6 Reasons Why - 05/30/11 10:22 AM
Please allow me to share a few reasons why I am so proud to be part of the AmeriTitle family…if you haven’t already aligned yourself with AmeriTitle here are 6 reasons why you should consider it:

Best Customer Service
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Chad Cripe & Gabe Valdez are serious about service. AmeriTitle was just honored with the Silver award for Best Customer Service from the Statesman Journal’s “Best of the Mid-Valley.” This is due, in no small part, to the hustle from these fine gentlemen.
Starting your transaction off with our customer service group is always a great experience. They … (2 comments)

amerititle: Intentional Social Media & Internet Presence Part SIX - 05/29/11 12:40 PM
We've arrived at the final installment of this series.  You can find links to cruise through the entire series at the bottom of this post. 
Here we'll cover:
How do we find the time? Monitor your reputation How to stay on track, accountable & results driven  
How do we find the time?
Set goals / have a plan Stick to your plan and schedule then turn it off and interact with real life people Utilize a social community manager Create a social media calendar or map Syndicate / Schedule (HootSuite & other tools)  
Monitor your … (3 comments)

amerititle: AmeriTitle - Stats Junkie: April Distressed Property Sale Report - 05/26/11 10:05 AM

Here is the latest Distressed Property Sale Report for April 2011.

Click here for the full report
50.3% of all sales transactions were ‘distressed’ last month in Marion County
It took an average of 205 days for banks to sell an REO property once they took it back and 480 total days from 1st NOD to REO Sale
Need other stats or property sale analysis that includes FSBO information? 
We’re here for YOU!

amerititle: Intentional Social Media & Internet Presence Part FOUR(a) - 05/25/11 12:19 PM
Continuing on "where to focus your efforts first" after you have your strategy and goals in place...
(Be sure to check out Part ONE through FOUR if you want to start at the beginning of this series.)
I LOVE ActiveRain.  While it causes me some frustration at times and yes the price continues to go up, and oh boy there has been some internal hubbub going on lately -  I am still a huge, raving fan of this platform.
If you can commit yourself to this community you will learn from others, get up to speed on … (0 comments)

amerititle: AmeriTitle Idol - Week 3 Results / FINALS Line-Up - 05/25/11 04:02 AM
Week Three Results:
Last week was a record breaking success,
raising funds for the Salem / Keizer Education Foundation
The excitement level was through the roof!
We can’t do this without your attendance and support so THANK YOU for a hugely successful night.
♪ ♫
The three finalists who earned the most votes from the audience:
Amanda Hopkins, Sarah Harrison and Suzi White
Wild Cards:
The wildcards announced last week are:
Bill Hallahan, Elizabeth Smith, Geoff Davis and Tristina Furgison 
♪ ♫
Finals - TONIGHT, Wednesday, May 25:

amerititle: Intentional Social Media & Internet Presence Part FOUR - 05/23/11 01:16 PM
Welcome to part four of intentional social media and Internet presence.  If you missed the first installments you can find them here...
Why social media / Internet marketing is important - (Part ONE) Where are you in the realm of this social media mania?  (Part TWO) Goal / Strategy - SWOT, 10 Strategy Questions, Action Plan Ok I'm excited - where do I start? (Part FOUR - you are here) Time Management - Priority List / Schedule (Part FIVE - up next) How to stay on track, accountable & results driven (Part SIX - coming soon)  
Where do … (0 comments)

amerititle: Silverton Pet Parade - A Community Tradition - 05/21/11 01:45 PM
We enjoyed the Silverton Pet Parade today.  A tradition that has run without pause (or is that paws) since 1932.  I've heard claims that it is the longest running event of it's kind west of the Mississippi.
The event began to celebrate and remember Bobby the Wonder Dog who truly is a wonder.  He was separated from his family on a road trip to Indiana but he found his way home.  He traveled 2,800 miles to return to his family in Silverton.
There are two murals in Silverton tied to the Pet Parade.   One of them … (0 comments)

amerititle: Intentional Social Media & Internet Presence Part THREE (Strategy/Goals) - 05/20/11 06:34 AM
If you're just stumbling onto part THREE please take a moment to check out part one and two...
Why social media and internet markting is important (Part ONE) 
Where are you in the realm of this social media mania?  (Part TWO)
My good friend (and inspirational leader) Rene' Fabre noted in part two ~
Most 'jumping on the band wagon' recently are doing so as a reaction to "everyone else is doing it." I remind them SM (social media) is not a "thing", nor is it a shortcut. The online life is a landscape riddled with rabbit holes. … (3 comments)

amerititle: Intentional Social Media & Internet Presence Part TWO - 05/19/11 04:43 AM
In Part ONE we talked about why social media / Internet presence is important.  I feel confident that the importance is clearly evident.  For most, I imagine there is a very big sense of ";pressure"; to work on this segment of your business.  Working with 100's of agents, we encounter all different levels of participation... 
Where are you in the realm of this Social Media Mania?

You are a busy professional and you understand the concept of a business plan, strategy, setting goals, return on investment, and managing your time wisely. 
Now you have a fairly new (really … (6 comments)

amerititle: Intentional Social Media & Internet Presence Part ONE - 05/18/11 06:29 AM
I'm kicking off a series of ponderings on Goal Setting & Time Management for Social Media and Internet Presence... long title that boils down to having a plan and some intention while you work on your Internet presence.  The full series will include...
Why social media / Internet marketing is important Where are you in the realm of this social media mania? Why goal setting and time management is important Goal / Strategy - SWOT, 10 Strategy Questions, Action Plan Ok I'm excited - where do I start? Time Management - Priority List / Schedule How to stay on track, … (0 comments)

amerititle: Title Insurance is Not "Just Another Fee" - 05/17/11 09:11 AM
Does the Cost and Complexity of Title Insurance Give You Pause for Thought?
You’re not Alone
Title insurance is often misunderstood by most consumers. In fact, a recent survey by the American Land Title Association revealed that most home buyers think of title insurance as “just another fee” they have to pay to buy a home. They don’t really know what it does, or how it protects them.
A major reason for this is that buying a home has become a rather complex process. There are so many details to take care of that most people rely on the person … (4 comments)

amerititle: AmeriTitle Idol - Week 2 Results / Week 3 Line-Up - 05/16/11 01:10 PM
Some notes from our AmeriTitle Regional Manager, Eric Templeton:
Making it through to the finals from week two of AmeriTitle Idol are Brandon Morett, Larry Dalke and Teresa Lucas. They will join Emilee Kerper, Tiffany Kuenzi and Mat Genuser for the finals on May 25. We will pick three more finalists next week and then three additional wildcards from any of the three prelim nights.We had another good turnout of supporters, raising $2,000 for Isaac's Room. And once again, from the band to the Half Penny staff to the judges to the singers to the Kyle, we were … (0 comments)

amerititle: Nationwide Open House Event - Time to Start your Promotion Parade - 05/15/11 08:48 AM
There is a Nationwide Open House event on June 4th and June 5th 2011.  This is right around the corner and now is the time to start promoting so you have a successful event. 
A well promoted open house can result in a SALE, meeting new people, and excellent promotion of your listing.  With a little planning, promotion and work you can have success!
If you were having an open house at your home you wouldn't put a 2"x2" ad in the paper, put a sign out in the front yard and hope people come.  Treat your open house as … (2 comments)

amerititle: My Corner Office with a View - 05/12/11 04:11 AM
I like to think of my Subaru as the "corner office with a view" as I drive around the Willamette Valley visiting clients.  The view is spectacular...

It amazes me that after living a lifetime here I never get bored or ungrateful for the beauty that surrounds us.  We are rich in diverse agriculture and a truly wonderful culture of people.  We're about an hour (or less) away from everything ~ big city, ocean beaches, mountain skiing, desert, deep forests, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, canyons, vineyards, farms, and more. We are the valley smack dab in the middle of everything and … (3 comments)

amerititle: AmeriTitle Idol - Week 1 Results / Week 2 Line-Up - 05/10/11 03:52 AM
Week One Results:
$2,000 raised for Liberty House, Child Abuse Assessment Center, an organization that has a positive impact in the lives of children.  We can’t do this without your attendance and support so THANK YOU for a hugely successful night.
The three finalists who blew us all away with their singing skills:
Emilee Kerper, Tiffany Kuenzi, and Mat Genuser
The talent was deep so it is very possible that a wildcard or two could come from this group.
Week Two - TOMORROW, Wednesday, May 11:
Raising funds for Isaac’s Room ~ An outstanding organization focused … (0 comments)

amerititle: AmeriTitle - Stats Junkie: Market Action Report - April 2011 - 05/06/11 12:58 PM
Please click on the links to view full reports on SFR Sales:
Market Action Report - Silverton/Stayton/Woodburn - April 2011
Market Action Report - Area 90 & 95 - April 2011
Market Action Report - Salem Area - April 2011

Here’s a look at the Salem Area market compared to this time last year:
April 2011
Lowest Sales price:                          $35,000
Highest Sales price:                         $415,000
Average Sales price:                        $164,424
Median Sales price:                         $150,000
Average Days on Market:                         168
Median Days on Market:                        … (0 comments)

amerititle: Things to do in Silverton, OR Week of May 3-10 MOTHER'S DAY! - 05/04/11 04:05 AM
First Friday - Mother's Day - Spring Clean Up Day - Farmer's Market Opens - AND MORE!
Silverton has an amazing line up of things to do for First Friday & don't forget Mother's Day!  (Find Mother's Day event postings in bold below...) 
I'm taking note of a couple special submittals...   
Be sure to check out the information regarding “Company is Coming” Spring Clean Up Day - Kudos to Connie Hinsdale for organizing this event.  This gives all lovers of Silverton an opportunity to help make her shine as we prepare for our spring and summer events and out … (1 comments)