listing presentation: Keeping the pipeline full (even when you’re too busy) - 07/29/16 09:39 AM
The work you do today is the business you’ll be enjoying months from now. Here are a few tips on how to stay on top of the important job of prospecting even when you have your hands full with current business.
Work your sphere – This is a great source for new business and deserves consistent attention.
If you don’t have an organized list of past clients and prospects, then your top priority is to create one. Use a good quality CRM, Outlook, Excel… whatever works for you.
If you do have an organized list, when was the last time you checked in … (0 comments)

listing presentation: Put that iPad to Work - 01/17/13 08:46 AM
Whether you're just getting started with your iPad or you want to put it to better use, here are some tools and ideas to use it as a productivity engine.
iPad Aps for Realtors:
•      Keynote – good for listing presentations
•      Open Home Pro - gather info from visitors at open houses
•      DropBox – store, sync, share files online
•      DocuSign - send, track, sign documents anytime, anyplace
•      iAnnotate & PDF Expert – great for paperless signatures/annotations
•      Mortgage Loan Calculator – simple mortgage calculator

In addition to these, are … (5 comments)