trends: AmeriTitle: Stats Junkie - Multiple Looks at the Year and Beyond - 01/27/12 06:34 AM
Statistics are all very interesting and fun to analyze.  What I am more excited about is my gut feeling this year.  Yes, gut feelings are not always for the analytical type; however our instincts can be more accurate than numbers.

I have the great fortune of roaming our Willamette Valley and I get to talk to a lot of agents and lenders.  There is this overwhelming positive vibe that I have not felt for quite some time. 

The good, solid professionals who are in our industry today have found their footing.  A great deal has been learned … (2 comments)

trends: Mortgage Fraud Prevention and Detection Resource Guide - 12/07/11 10:46 AM
At AmeriTitle, fraud detection and prevention is important to us.  We found this to be a well organized presentation on the topic.  We know this is important to you too so we are passing along the information… 
Mortgage Fraud Prevention and Detection Resource Guide  <-- click for full report
Mortgage fraud awareness and best practice mitigation techniques are critical to combating mortgage fraud.
Mortgage Fraud Trends Report for 2011 <-- click for full report
Property fraud alerts have grown substantially, however there has been a healthy leveling off of mortgage fraud overall.

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trends: In 2011, over $335.9 billion in estimated commercial mortgages will mature - 10/04/11 05:31 AM
In 2011, over $335.9 billion in estimated commercial mortgages will mature and need to be refinanced or sold. This forecast is based upon CoreLogic property records data and is updated on an ongoing monthly basis.
Mortgage Maturity Impact by Region and Property Type$3.9 billion in commercial mortgages estimated to mature in September 2011
For September 2011, there will be a projected 4,095 properties with an estimated aggregate loan origination value of more than $3.9 billion that will need to be refinanced. For the month, the Southern region accounts for 73.7 percent of projected national maturities (on a dollar basis) with … (0 comments)

trends: Commence holding your breath while you wait for the... appraisal - 07/19/11 05:22 AM

You have an accepted offer.  Now, commence holding your breath while you wait for the appraisal…
(Scary music plays in the background….)  Dun dun daaahhhhhh…..
We had two deals terminate JUST today.  Accepted offers rolling toward the closing gates but the buyer cannot get a loan on a property if the appraiser doesn’t say it’s worth what the buyer would like to borrow.  This makes sense…  lending money can be risky business, so lenders have to exercise some caution.    
There is a lot of time and energy (not to mention emotion and excitement) that … (0 comments)

trends: AmeriTitle - Stats Junkie: Market Action Report - June 2011 - 07/12/11 04:09 AM
Residential Sold Statistics by Area
Marion / Polk Counties, Oregon
June, 2011
Market Action Report – Silverton / Stayton / Woodburn
Market Action Report – Areas 90 & 95
Market Action Report – Salem Area

Do you have a specific need for area trends or statistics in the Willamette Valley?  We have all sales (including FSBO sales) at our fingertips and we’re happy to help.

trends: AmeriTitle - Stats Junkie: Market Action Report - April 2011 - 05/06/11 12:58 PM
Please click on the links to view full reports on SFR Sales:
Market Action Report - Silverton/Stayton/Woodburn - April 2011
Market Action Report - Area 90 & 95 - April 2011
Market Action Report - Salem Area - April 2011

Here’s a look at the Salem Area market compared to this time last year:
April 2011
Lowest Sales price:                          $35,000
Highest Sales price:                         $415,000
Average Sales price:                        $164,424
Median Sales price:                         $150,000
Average Days on Market:                         168
Median Days on Market:                        … (0 comments)

trends: AmeriTitle - Stats Junkie: March Distressed Property Sale Report - 04/28/11 06:50 AM
March 2011 Distressed Property Sale Report (Marion County)

 Click for the Full Report
Our goal is to earn your trust and your business.
Put our award winning team of professionals to work for
you and your clients on your next transaction!
Prompt and caring service is what we’re all about.

trends: AmeriTitle-Stats Junkie: Distressed Property Sales + Market Action Report - 04/20/11 12:08 PM
We’ve been busy crunching numbers and there is some valuable information to peruse below…
Enjoy and if you have any questions / concerns / want to visit ~ you know where to find us.

Click for the full Marion County - February - Distressed Property Sale Report

Click for the full - Salem - March - Market Action Report

Click for the full - Area 90 / 95 - March - Market Action Report

Click for the full - Silverton/Stayton/Woodburn - Market Action Report
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trends: The Distressed Property Report - 04/01/11 04:01 AM
In a recent survey of many clients throughout the Willamette Valley we discovered an overwhelming cry and plea and need for statistics and trends.  A great deal of concern and interest revolving around distressed properties was expressed as well. 
With that said, here is our first installment of a new “stats junkie” series… The Distressed Property Report.  While this report is from January, we will be providing more up to date information going forward.  I still wanted to share this first look with you.  (Because I get excited about stats you know…) 
Distressed properties are part … (3 comments)

trends: How do you stay on top of the latest news and trends? - 07/22/10 07:23 AM

Branding yourself as an expert is critical.  It can be difficult to stay up to date on the latest news and trends but you owe it to your clients to BE the expert in your area.  Clients expect this and will give you more referrals if you wowed them with your area and industry knowledge. 
I am constantly preaching about the benefits of staying organized.  Anything you do more than once deserves a check list and this includes your consumption of news and education on trends.  Staying organized with everything you do helps you accomplish more in less time. 
I … (12 comments)