lake and lodge realty: The View From 400K - 11/07/12 09:25 PM
The View From 400K is much like the view from 100K. I remember breaking that first milestone and seeing no end in sight to my drive to get to the top ten in Michigan. At 300K I hit a wall. I wasn't seeing the silver lining anymore just the cloud hanging over me. I hadn't received any referrals or leads and was really struggling to sign in everyday. Thanks to Eric Michael coming up on my heels I picked up my game to keep from being passed. Not sure if it is being extra busy in my real estate world but … (8 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits 101 - 11/01/12 12:16 PM
One of our newest additions is our Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits 101. This will be at The Gate, here in Big Rapids on January 24, 2013 at 6pm. One of my first acts as incoming president was to call each and every member and thank them for being part of our Chamber family. In doing this we found a lot of businesses who knew of one or two but really didn't have a good grasp on our benefits so we decided an after hours event where we could network a little and go over all of their … (2 comments)

lake and lodge realty: A Jerry Scoby Handshake... - 10/27/12 03:07 AM
I often joke around about my deals being stronger than a Jerry Scoby Handshake. If you ever are in Big Rapids, take a minute to track down Jerry Scoby and experience his handshake for yourself. Usually he can be found on the Campus of Ferris State University, where he is Vice President for Administration and Finance. He doesn't over power you with his teeth showing, it is simply a firm handshake that makes you remember him. Somehow in that two second handshake trust is formed and you just know inside he means what he says. Some people in life have those signature moves, … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Who's Left to Run for Office? - 10/22/12 09:34 AM
I often find myself wondering once we've weeded out the bad, Who's Left to Run for Office? Seems every channel on tv or page of the paper has the latest great smear on pretty much any candidate to run for office. Doesn't matter if it has any truth in it at all just go ahead and sling your mud cause we're slinging ours. Makes me wonder what the hater's will hate after the elections. Facebook is a breading ground for unfounded slams against not just a person but entire party lines. Seems there has always been an "us vs them" mentality … (5 comments)

lake and lodge realty: God Grant My Clients The Patience They Expect From Me - 10/21/12 03:07 AM
Being human I do need to eat and occasionally sleep so God Grant My Clients The Patience They Expect From Me. It seems to happen way more frequently than ever sit down to eat and the phone rings, you call back after a few bites and the caller couldn't wait to mess around with you, they have moved on. Really? This is the same person who didn't return my emails for days at a time. I work seven days a week and I am up by 4am and at my pc by 5am so I think I put in enough … (5 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Giving Cash is Good but Giving of Your Time is Precious. - 10/09/12 03:46 AM
I am a firm believer in the saying "Giving Cash is Good but Giving of Your Time is Precious". If you have read many of my post you will know i am a huge Chamber of Commerce fan so when asked to serve as President it was without thought that I agreed. Excited to think of the possibilities I told my wife who was both excited and apprehensive. She was concerned about the amount of time I donate already and how much this would add. She was thinking of me, which is why I love her. I was once told by … (3 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Good and Bad News in Big Rapids, MI - 09/29/12 12:27 AM
Today I received both Good and Bad News in Big Rapids, MI. I have been working with a great lady who is planning to move here to Big Rapids, MI. We have an accepted offer on the house she picked and are only waiting for her house to close where she lives now. She calls and say's I have good news and bad news. I am hesitant to ask but I eventually bite. Well she says, you are an awesome Realtor, bad news is my other guy is not. Thinking I am hearing the "it's not you, it's him" line I … (11 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Living Off the Paper Trail - 09/28/12 10:19 AM
Living Off the Paper Trail is never easy at first. I ran my office much like any other in regards to keeping paper trails on every transaction. I would always end up with a huge box of miscellaneous papers to file and keep around the office for three years yet making sure to remove after the third year. When Active Rain had it's contest back early last year about being more paper saving I started noticing how much I reall used. Yikes! One deal that comes to mind was a relocation transaction involving a large real estate name. The contract was … (2 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce Chamber Bowl XII - 09/20/12 09:47 AM
The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce Chamber Bowl XII wrapped up today with the two teams working overtime to add 52 new members to our list of great businesses. Michelle Herron was Captain of the Red team and yours truly was Captain of the Blue team. MVP was John Milan who convinced 11 new members this was a great time to be part of the Chamber. My hats off to everyone who participated in making this happen. Anyone connected with a Chamber can tell you 52 new members is a great way to end a drive. Glad to be a part … (3 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Germanfest 2012 in Big Rapids, MI - 09/16/12 04:01 AM
Germanfest 2012 in Big Rapids, MIis on Sept 21st this year from 6:25pm to 11pm. Established in 2006, to honor the history of St. Peter’s Lutheran–see the Heritage section above– the Big Rapids Germanfest has strived for one thing: to provide our patrons with a first class, authentic German celebration. They promise to deliver an enjoyable evening including German dinner buffet, real imported Bier and Wein, and dancing to real German music on their spacious wooden dance floor—all under 20,000 square feet of “Big Top” tents. Due to some of the products being imported they have had to order them in … (6 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Lease or Leash...Which Does Your Tenant Need? - 09/16/12 12:19 AM
Lease or Leash...Which Does Your Tenant Need? One way to truly frustrate an agent attempting to show one of your listings is to have a tenant who does not want to move. I have tried to show the same house twice to different buyers and both times had the tenant kill the showing before it happened. First time was the classic "My kids are sick and you can't come in" but they raised the bar the second time. They changed the locks and didn't tell the seller. I told the list agent there would not be a third time and he … (5 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Thanks, but Banks don't take Thanks. - 08/10/12 09:56 PM
Thanks, but Banks don't take Thanks is something I want so bad to share with some clients. This morning I read a post by Diane Wheatly (you can read the post here) and it made me reflect on how often our job is paid with nothing but thanks. I have a couple kids that like every other client these days is looking for that screaming deal. To find the bargain they need we have looked at mostly foreclosures and short sales.....several of them. At least they decided to look 50 miles away from my office so every trip out is a … (14 comments)

lake and lodge realty: I've Been Re-Blogged - 07/30/12 01:54 AM
What a great feeling...I've Been Re-Blogged. To know not only was your post read and commented on, but someone liked it enough to Re-Blog it. It gets even better when it is someone you consider of the highest caliber Active Rain has to offer. This morning I wrote a post (Home Inspection Timing) on my thoughts of having a pre-listing inspection done. Not only would the sale go smoother but may be a deal sweetener if the Buyer knew the home had already been inspected. I was somewhat surprised to see it was Featured but when I noticed it was re-blogged by … (14 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Home Inspection Timing - 07/29/12 11:34 PM
Several of my favorite posts on Active Rain are from home inspectors. Buyers love them, Sellers hate them and agents don't always recommend them in fear of losing a deal. My thoughts are why would you not want to lose the deal if something were wrong rather than wait to get sued down the road? That got me thinking about the timing of the home inspection. Almost every house sold is going to have an inspection so why not get one before it sells? Matter of fact why not get one for your home whether it is for sale or not? … (17 comments)

lake and lodge realty: WAM 300 Comes to Big Rapids, MI - 07/24/12 11:09 PM
WAM 300 Comes to Big Rapids, MI this Friday, July 27th, 2012 on it's way to the Heroes Hurrah Finish line at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI. What a great event with over 900 bicyclists making the trek from Traverse City to Brooklyn. Think about the dedication of these riders traveling 300 miles in 3 days. WAM (Wish a Mile) is the Make a Wish Foundations single largest fundraiser and is celebrating it's 25 anniversary this year. If you would like to join in or learn more about the ride visit their website: Make A Wish. If you happen to … (3 comments)

lake and lodge realty: What a Weekend for Events - 07/21/12 11:21 AM
This weekend has been insane with the number of events around our area. Trout-a Rama in Baldwin, Bitely Homecoming in Bitely, The Dam Festival in Roger's Heights and the Antique Tractor Show here in Big Rapids. As a Chamber Ambassador I try and attend as many events as possible but being a small business owner I need to sell a few houses in between. lol. What a beautiful day for a road trip. All events were awesome and I even got to show a 30 acre hunting parcel with a Caboose. Yes...I said Caboose. Now I need to figure out how … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Experience Real Estate...The Way It Should Be!!! - 07/21/12 09:37 AM
Experience Real Estate...The Way It Should Be!!! has been one my most frequently used tag lines since becoming a Realtor several years ago. When I first became an agent my office was by the up desk at a different Brokerage and I was forced to hear how real estate shouldn't be quite often, so my mission was to open and run a client friendly office with the clients needs always a priority.
With Big Rapids, MI being our location, Ferris State University Students are always looking for help finding housing. Here is what one might expect when the hunt is on … (2 comments)

lake and lodge realty: 100 Men Campaign - 07/19/12 10:42 AM
What a great idea for WISE to do a 100 Men Campaign here in Big Rapids, MI. WISE (Women's Information Service Inc.) provides support services as well as safety options for survivors of domestic or sexual assault. It totally blew me away to read some of their statistics like 1 in 4 girls will be sexually assaulted by age 25 and 1 in 6 males will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Thus the need for the 100 Men Campaign. They are looking for 100 men to take a stand against abuse and violence. These men commit to donating $100 per … (3 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Yes, Your Kitty is Cute But Still a Distraction! - 07/18/12 12:30 AM
Yes, Your Kitty is Cute But Still a Distraction. We have all shown the house that had the adorable pet that stayed during the showing simply because it wasn't mean so why move it. Someitmes no matter how much we beg and plead sellers don't get the whole "Distraction" thing. Basically if my Buyer is looking at you cudley pet, they are NOT looking at your house. Soooo....if you are selling pets, Nice Job!!!! but if you are selling a home in a tough market, You blew it!.
Case in point. I showed three cottages to clients a couple weeks ago. … (3 comments)

lake and lodge realty: Want to be Attacked by a Cash Mob? - 07/16/12 10:49 PM
Our local Buy Local campaign asks if your business wants to be attacked by a cash mob. Everyone these days is focusing on buying local and helping small local shops stay in the game. Last month our Chamber backed Buy Local group decided we would try a cash mob. We chose a business that we though could use a huge spike of business and mobbed them. To be precise we all got together and in one group went and ate at this restaurant. They were elated to see that many people on their normally quite Tuesday. This month we chose the … (1 comments)

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