lake and lodge realty llc: Looking for the Highlights. - 10/21/12 09:56 AM
We should all really spend more time Looking for the Highlights instead of the negatives. Preception is everything and when you go in looking for problems you will find them. Today I was driving up the expressway thinking about fall and the high heat bills approaching and almost missed the highlight. I live where others have to visit for fall colors. I am totally surrounded by beautiful woods in full color think about the negative instead of thanking the Lord for the chance to live in such an awesome environment. Makes you stop and think about the number of positives we … (6 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: 2012 MCMC Festival of Trees - 10/09/12 03:13 PM
This year the 2012 MCMC Festival of Trees will be on November 7th this year.  The reception kicks off at 6:30 with the auction beginning at 7:30pm sharp. The Festival of Trees is an annual event in which community members decorate and donate trees, wreaths, and holiday gift items. It is always great to see the many different spins on the decorations. Once adorned the trees are presented at a special reception in November and auctioned off. The auctioned trees help support the MCMC Foundation. The trees are displayed for several days at Chemical Bank downtown, and the exhibit is open to the public … (7 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Feeling Appreciated in Big Rapids, MI - 09/28/12 10:44 AM
Feeling Appreciated in Big Rapids, MI was easy today. A few months ago Blarney Castle opened a Marathon Gas/ EZMart here in Big Rapids, MI. Today they once again showed their appreciation to their customers by free lunch including Bill and Will's gourmet hot dogs, pizza and sodas. A lot of companies do the appreciation gig but what made it special for me is the guy manning the grill was none other than Bill McCarthy, son of Denny McCarthy, who at 93 still runs the show. Knowing that even with a dozen locations to worry about he came here and served … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Canadian Lakes, MI - 06/24/12 11:24 PM
One of my favorite places on earth is Canadian Lakes, MI. I am lucky enough to cover that area in my real estate sales and love it when I get a chance to show it off. Ammenities like both indoor and outdoor pools, several park areas, beaches, airstrip, 3 golf courses, playgrounds, tennis courts and even a castle. They have security patrols constntly monitoring the area to give the residence peace of mind. The development is ste up in sections with each offering a different feel. To the North of Buchannon the land is hilly and very woody. Gives you a … (1 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Sunrise Haven Estates, Big Rapids, MI - 06/24/12 07:20 AM
One of my favorite subdivisons is Sunrise Haven Estates in Big Rapids, MI. Steve Fenstermacher is the developer and even before the land was cleared he had a clear vision of what it would look like and the lifestyle he could offer. The view from most every lot is amazing. You can see for miles to the South and East and to the West and North is beautifully wooded acreage. Paved walkways lit up at night make walking around Lake Esther an even better experience or wandering over to the lighted tennis courts and basketball courts for a late game is … (2 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: MCMC Ice Cream Block Social - 06/01/12 05:20 AM
The Mecosta County Medical Center Auxiliary will be hosting an upcoming block party that includes the annual ice cream social. The community is invited to join in on a summer evening of food and ice cream, along with activities and entertainment including a bounce house for kids and the Ferris State University Community Summer Band. Proceeds generated will go to support health career scholarships for students in the Mecosta Osceola Intermediate School District. Last year I scored a loaf of banana bread that was a hit at my house. This is a great event for networking and just getting out on … (2 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: The Importance of a Great Partner. - 05/21/12 12:01 AM
Yesterday was my anniversary. We have been together 20 years now and while reflecting how how lucky I am it occurred to me how crucial it was to have the perfect partner. She doesn't know much about real estate but she scores high in patience, understanding and willing to work her day job and come home and help work mine. I take her with me on most any showing where I have female clients to ease any tensions they may have of working with a man. She is great when my buyers bring kids as she keeps them busy giving the … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Is Your Listing Ready to Sell? - 05/04/12 12:55 AM
I have had two separate deals fall through in the last month due to title issues that in my mind probably should have been handled prior to the home being listed. The first one was a manufactured home listed by HUD in our area. With HUD you place your bid online and next day you find out if your offer was accepted. My client was extremely when we were awarded the bid. Lender was off to the races. After we did our inspections, appraisal and structural inspection required by FHA I received a phone call letting me know our deal had … (0 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Another HUD Done Me Wrong Song! - 04/30/12 06:40 AM
Last Friday left me wondering "What the HUD"? but let's start at the beginning. Met with a new client last month. Very nice young man needing help finding the home of his dreams yet within budget. So far so good. We met with the lender who told us where we qualified and what programs were available. This young man had a great job but not a lot of out of pocket money to use so originally we opted for Rural Development. After searching the country side we found nothing within our range. Next option was FHA as it would open the … (3 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Play The Make Me Money Game - 03/04/12 11:48 PM
It often amuses me when new agents are frustrated about their business not taking off at the speed of sound yet when you look at their pc screen you see they are busy playing solitare or another type of game. Rarely do you see agents in the top ten playing anything other than the "Make Me Money" game. It's easy to play and vety rewarding. Challenge yourself to find new paths and new tips and tricks to get your career up and running. Stop waiting for the phone to ring and be creative. Working with clients is a lot like your favorite … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Road to 300K in the Rain - 11/26/11 01:33 PM
With this post I will surpass 300K points here in the Rain. For this milestone, I am giving myself a gold star. I had planned on writing an awesome thoughtful post that would leave everyone in awe and then reality hit. Short and Sweet gets the job done.
When I first started in Active Rain I was in a race with myself to hit that 100,000 milestone. I hit my 10 posts a week, spent way too much time reading others thoughts and with an occasional Featured Acrticle was conent on climbing the ladder to be the Featured Agent for my … (55 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Not What it Appears - 11/22/11 04:08 AM
I have been looking for a place for a client all summer. We have written a few offers but seem to always get beat in a multiple bid or "highest and best" scenario. This week we found a really nice brick ranch listed and after a drive by was asked to check into it for them. Being a foreclosure I tend to really check things out prior to an offer. There is a pole barn in the back with access through the garage. Yup, the driveway goes through the garage and to the pole barn (there wasn't room on either side … (5 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: The Future has Arrived in McBain, MI - 09/23/11 03:21 AM
While driving through rural McBain this week we noticed something peculiar rising out of the cord fields. Seems technology has arrived in Northern Michigan in a big way. These giants aren't just big they are huge. Approx 475' to the top of the blades. A company called Heritage Sustainable Energy is building this wind farm and plan to have 20 to 30 when completed. Having been raised where two story buildings are tall these guys are amazing. If you plan on being in or around the McBain area these are a must see. You can see them all the way from … (12 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Big Rapids Public School Sports Calendar - 09/04/11 07:07 AM
One of the best things about school being back in session is the opportunity to attend and watch the school sports. There is no feeling like seeing your team do an amazing comeback to win a clutch game against their biggest rival. The only way to keep track is to have an accurate sports schedule and here in Big Rapids the school offers a web based version. The Big Rapids Public School Sports Schedule covers it all. On the left menu just pick the sport you want to check out and it will open to a schedule of events including times and … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Big Rapids School Supply List - 09/04/11 06:56 AM
This should be title Big Rapids Schools Lack of Supply List. Seems like the first place that tightens up whenever there are budget cuts are schools. This totally confuses me as to why we would want the people who will be running our Country when we are too old to not get a quality education? Maybe it is because our Government is banking on people joining in to help the schools. This is a place everyone can help. Maybe not in a huge donation but even a few packs of paper or pencils can make a big difference. I know of … (1 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Big Rapids School Calendar - 09/04/11 06:46 AM
Less than a week till school starts so it is time to post the best place to check out the school calendars. Big Rapids Schools have a few to choose from.
The Main Calendar is the general complete calendar for the BRPS system.
The Holidays and Breaks covers the Holidays abd Breaks for the school year.
The Big Rapids Schools Events Calendar covers all school events.
Finally the BRPS Sports Calendar covers all the sports dates and times to keep in mind.
When in doubt you can always check out the Big Rapids Public Schools website. It has a complete list of contact numbers and … (0 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Homeless Man's Funeral - 08/29/11 09:23 AM
I am not one to share funny stories but in the weekend edition of the Pioneer News in Big Rapids, Mi there was a story told to Jack Batdorff by a friend of his that I have to pass on.
The Story is called "The Homeless Man's Funeral" and it goes:
As a bagpiper, I play many gigs. Recently I was asked by a funeral director to play at a graveside service for a homeless man. He had no friends or family, so the service was to be at a pauper's cemetery in the back woods. As I was not familiar with the backwoods, I … (10 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Leadership Mescosta 2012 - 08/20/11 04:07 AM
Leadership Mecosta 2012 will be starting soon and being an Alumni member I can attest to the importance of this program for anyone looking to hone their leadership skills or get to know their County better. Leadership Mecosta is a nine month program that includes a two-day retreat at Cranhill Ranch and eight once a month day long sessions at various places throughout the County.  Participants will enjoy learning more about the community they live in as well as sessions focusing on leadership skill development and community education which includes an inside look at the systems that make our County what … (4 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: Professional Courtesy Pays - 08/20/11 02:29 AM
Typical mid week work day. Doing my morning searches and seeing what else came in overnight when the phone rings. It is someone asking about a parcel close by but they were missing quite a bit of info. Turns out it was an agent from South West Michigan that didn't know the area well and one of her clients has property adjoining the parcel she was looking for. Between the two of us we managed to find the parcel which was listed by one of my competitors. I went ahead and gave her the phone number of the listing office and … (5 comments)

lake and lodge realty llc: August Rise and Shine in Big Rapids - 08/20/11 02:09 AM

August 2011 Rise and Shine will be held at the Comstock House in Big Rapids. The Band of Locals will be celebrating their 3rd year of successfully educating and promoting the public to shop local at locally owned businesses throughout Mecosta County. The Mecosta County Area Chamber of Commerce sponsers both the Rise and Shine and Business After Hours events to help promote networking of business in our area and to help spotlight a different business every month. The Band of Locals is a great program that offers Blue wrist bands or key chains for $10 and can be used … (0 comments)

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