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BuilderRadio interviews Roger Fiehn, Roger Fiehn & Associates. To many builders, Realtors seem be to an expensive way to market and sell their homes.  To many Realtors, selling builder’s homes seems to be more hassle than marketing used homes.  In reality, and with a little planning, builders an...
By Ross Robbins, MIRM, ‘The Homebuilder Coach’ This week "Selling More Homes Media Network" interviews Ross Robbins regarding our deadly sales Sins. Over the past few months as I have been visiting some builders and helping them develop their teams for the turnaround, they have been weeding out ...
If you are on a tight marketing budget and are trying to get your name out there, consider spending time and a few dollars on a public relations campaign. It can be the best investment you can make! The first part of this article will discuss the major reason why you should c...
BuilderRadio interviews Carol Flammer, Flammer Relations, Inc. and mRELEVANCE “Social media is becoming the core foundation of a good marketing program,” states Carol Flammer. Perhaps as recently as a year ago that statement would seem far fetched – really, the core foundation of marketing?  Yet...
Having an online presence isn't enough — customers and closings must follow   Like consumers in almost every industry, homebuyers often use the Internet to shop. According to some estimates, more than 80 percent of all new homebuyers begin their search online. In addition, industry statistics and...
BuilderRadio interviews Mary LeBlanc, LeBlanc & Associates You’ve been shopped! Why do those words cause a panic to consume us as soon a we realize that our best customer of the day was really a professional shopper, and that we’ve been tested, scrutinized, evaluated, and graded. Oh.  I guess I ...

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