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This week interviews our special guest, Jerry Constanzo, G. L. Costanzo & Associates, Every new home salesperson learns early on that selling a home takes time.  Lots of time. Sometimes it’s many months or more between contact and close.  And...
This week interviews Bonnie Alfriend. Yes, the housing recession is finally over and housing seems to be on the move in the right direction. Many markets are beginning to see new home starts inching upward, and the extension of 1st time home buyer tax credits with new ad...
BuilderRadio speaks with Bill Webb, William N. Webb & Co., Inc. Foreclosures, short sales and REOs (oh, my!)  Buyers might be re-entering the housing market but, as with every previous recovery, the first ones on the scene are the bargain hunters.  In a buyer’s market, price is the first driving...
Selling More Homes Media speaks with Erik Cofield, VP, Buildtopia Remember the Rolodex?  I used to spend hours and hours each week watching those hand-written cards tumble by as I turned through them looking for who to call next - the ‘hot’ leads.  For years, the Rolodex file was a salesperson’s...
Selling More Homes Media speaks with Roger Fiehn, Roger Fiehn & Associates, Inc. If the housing industry were to appoint and Official Sage - a ‘Salesperson Laureate’ if you will, Roger Fiehn would make the short list of nominees.  Roger’s credentials include designations as a “Fellow” of the Ins...

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