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This week we speak with Jerry Rossi, speaker, marketing consultant, and author of Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa: 9 Steps to Take the Bite out of Your Marketing. 100% of all purchasing is emotional. But, 95% of all purchasers start their look on the Internet.  So, how do you stir the buyer’s emotions ...
This week we speak with Sundeep Kapur, Online Communications expert, Sundeep Kapur, recently conducted a survey of over 400,000 online purchases as to their expectations of the companies that they did business with, online and off.  His team followed up with a cross section of resp...
This week we speak with Jeff Shore, Shore Consulting There is recovery in the air.  But as of yet, that hasn’t translated into significantly higher traffic numbers in sales models. So, if you’re waiting to get the people who take their own initiative to come through the door, you’re not taking a...
This week we speak with guest, Tom Stephani. Most of the ‘clients from hell’ are clients that we create on our own. We create our own clients from hell by not creating, setting and maintaining realistic expectations from the very get go.  We have a lot of things that we do as an industry that we...
This week we speak with Master Sales Trainer, Roger Fiehn, Roger Fiehn & Associates Even in the worst housing markets there are individual salespeople who are not only surviving, they are thriving!  Roger Fiehn has spent the last several months finding and interviewing these sales professionals ...

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