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This week we speak with sales expert, author and speaker, Steve Waterhouse Virtually everyone I talk to is telling me they are facing a marketplace that is scared to make a decision; they are afraid to be sold.  And the worst thing you can do when you’re up against someone who is afraid is to st...
This week we speak with The Trade Show Coach, Susan Friedmann It’s home show season, and many of you are planning your exhibits for upcoming shows.  So are your competitors.  How can you make your display different and attract more buyers?  What are the keys to an creating an effective display? ...
This week we speak with sales Coach and author, Jason Forrest. When home sales are slow and buyers are timid, we salespeople often feel the need to generate a sense of urgency to get people to buy.  Yet, urgency isn’t something you impose upon prospects.  Instead, it stems from the customers inne...
This week we interview Tondra Arrendale of Charlotte’s Web Consulting. According to the David Power Homes study – 80% of the home buying decisions in the $180’s – $500’s market is made by women.  Women are more in tune with the emotional aspects of the buying process.  So why not use all five se...

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