marketing: Using Video and Quick Response Codes to Attract More Traffic - 11/30/10 08:10 AM
This week we speak with William Woodard, J. Patrick Homes, Houston, TX.
So, you’ve made the leap to using video as a marketing tool.  You’ve even set up your own YouTube channel and link your videos to your website, blog and social media.
No?  If you’re not using video, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool.  And, if you’re not using video it’s probably because you’re not sure how to get started.
Well, worry no more.  Veteran sales pro, William Woodard, returns to our program with all the scoop on how to create attention-getting video of your homes, and then … (2 comments)

marketing: Build Trust and Add Value with a Third Party Home Warranty - 11/26/10 07:46 AM
This week we speak with Jerry Thompson – StrucSure Home Warranty
A number of companies offer third party warranties through builders to homeowners.  These warranties offer homeowners up to 10 years of coverage against structural defects. Some go even longer.  But the real value of a warranty goes past the coverage it offers and extends to the reputation of the builder.
StrucSure Warranty is a company with over 13 years of experience providing home warranties to both homebuilders and remodelers.  SturcSure’s founder, Jerry Thompson, joins us to explain the real function a warranty fills – peace of mind.
Warranties As A … (2 comments)

marketing: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: The Basics of Web Analytics - 11/09/10 08:04 AM
This week we speak with Paula Huggett, The Bokka Group.
You’ve just dropped a wad of hard-earned cash on your website. Now you just sit back and watch the leads roll in…
True, your website is your most important marketing vehicle today, but it’s not enough simply to ‘show up’, even on the search engines.  Are homebuyers compelled to click on your site when they find it?  If they do, do they immediately find what they need?  How long do they stay… and do they do what you want them to do – click on you ‘contact’ button, or better yet, … (1 comments)

marketing: Website Essentials for Attracting More Sales - 11/03/10 02:41 AM
This week we speak with Brian Duvall –
Your website and email.  Like it or not, you’re business can’t grow without them.  Does your website perform like you want to pull in prospects and convert them to sales?  Does it create the interest and excitement that gets buyers hungry and excited to talk to you in person?  And if they do, are you able to follow up like they expect?
All these are issues every company faces, large and small.  Brian Duvall, of Duvall Media, shares his top tips to make your website perform as an extension of your sales department.  … (1 comments)

marketing: Customer Service as a Sales Tool - 10/26/10 08:12 AM
We speak with Anthony Zarrilli, Zarrilli Homes, Brick, NJ
Try telling Anthony Zarrilli that there’s a housing recession.  He just smiles.
We’ve spoken with other builders who say that “refuse to participate in the housing slowdown,” but Tony is living by those words.  His New Jersey homebuilding company, Zarrilli Homes, is about as busy as they’ve ever been.
To what does he contribute his continued success?  “It’s a lot of little things that contribute to the whole,” he says.  He’s got the basics of good customer service down so that he gives fast, focused response to every customer throughout the sales, construction … (1 comments)

marketing: Automate Your Processes to Build Profits - 10/21/10 07:02 AM
We speak with Charlie Schneider – Builder Sourcing
In today’s world every homebuyer is starting out on the Internet, so every builder needs to establish a presence there, to make a good impression, and to create the interest to come up with a lead. Then, they need get that lead into the hands of a salesperson that can respond to the interest with a phone call or email that engages that prospect in a conversation that gets them to come in and visit.
That may sound simple, but it takes a system in place to make sure that occurs.
Systems such … (0 comments)

marketing: 4 Steps to Outstanding Customer Satisfaction - 08/16/10 01:17 AM
This week we speak with Tim Kane, MBK Homes.
Few states have housing markets nose dive more than California.  Yet, this Irvine builder is taking the market in stride, polishing their prospects and focusing on thing:  pleasing their buyers.
And it’s working for them.  They are attracting buyers when other builders are still scratching their heads wondering when the market will return.
Can it really be that easy – just please your customers and you’ll sell more homes?  Tim Kane, of MBK Builders, describes their 4-step process for achieving outstanding customer satisfaction.  As far as being easy, it took MBK seven years … (2 comments)

marketing: How to Create a Winning Customer Experience - 07/19/10 01:04 AM
This week we speak with Beverly Koehn, Beverly Koehn & Associates
Beverly Koehn started her career as a salesperson in a builder’s model over 20 years ago.  Today, she shares her insights as a sales trainer and consultant to builders across the country.  Her book, Loyalty Is Love, details how to create long-term relationships with homebuyers and has been a favorite of BuilderRadio listeners.  We asked Beverly to discuss one aspect of building loyalty – creating a winning customer experience.  Below are excerpts from our recorded interview:
It’s so important that we all remember that we’re selling so much more than just our … (0 comments)

marketing: Design Trends for a Brand New Market - 07/05/10 12:55 AM
This week we speak with Kay Green and Ashley Jennings, of Kay Green Designs.
Kay Green Design, in Orlando, FL, specializes in model home design and merchandising- the art and science of studying buyer behaviors and preferences and incorporating those trends into model homes so that the home has maximum appeal to your targeted audience.  Today, that function is perhaps more important than ever as we see new generations of buyers emerging with different tastes than their parents.
We asked the mother/ daughter team of Kay Green and Ashley Jennings what to watch for in terms of trends and colors, and what to … (1 comments)

marketing: Right-Sizing Your Homes: Managing Space to Maximize Value - 06/28/10 12:44 AM
This week we interview Gale Steves, author of Right-Sizing Your Home.
Gale Steves is one of America’s leading home authorities. Creative thinker and guru, she helps consumers fashion livable homes and counsels companies to create products she knows people want and need. She has inspired millions with her ideas and solutions, first as a magazine editor, and most recently as the force behind Open House Productions, a consulting company formed in 2001.
We asked Gale to describe the concept behind her new book, Right Sizing Your Home, and how this concept can be put to use by builders, remodelers, and Realtors.  … (0 comments)

marketing: What’s Your Plan? Converting Ideas into Actions. - 06/21/10 12:05 AM
We speak with Kerry Mulcrone, Mulcrone & Associates, author of Tools, Tips and Takeaways – Everyday Building Blocks for New Home Sales Managers
Kerry Mulcrone is well known in builder circles.  As a speaker/trainer/sales coach she draws from over 20 years of new home sales experience to help builders and Realtors find new solutions to grow their sales.  This usually means getting in the trenches with salespeople and helping them master the basics, then moving up from there.
One of the ‘basics’ that Kerry focuses on is the need for everyone on a team – from the builder or owner, management team, and … (1 comments)

marketing: Four Steps to Home Sales Recovery - 06/14/10 01:21 AM
Rich Carlson, president of Carlson Communications in Northborough, Massachusetts, has been involved in advertising, marketing and public relations within the housing industry for 35 years.  He’s also the author of a new book, Are You Prepared for the Recovery.  Rich sat down with us to discuss his book and the major steps he feels are essential for getting through the current market and successfully moving forward.  The following are excerpts from our interview:
Step One:  Market Research
One thing that I try and emphasize is the importance of listening to your customers and conducting continuous research.  Research, just like sales training, it … (2 comments)

marketing: Woman-Centric Design: Marketing to the Decision Makers - 05/31/10 02:00 AM

This week we speak with Paul Foresman, Design Basics, LLC.
According to the book Trillion Dollar Women: Use Your Power to Make Buying & Remodeling Decisions (, women make or direct 91% of the decision to buy a new home.
Now, this is just an observation, but there seem to be a whole lot of, um…  guys in the building business.  And according to this week’s guest, Paul Foresman, Business Development Director for the design firm Design Basics, LLC, we guys might be at a disadvantage if we’re not getting an ‘alternate-gender’ perspective on the homes we build, market or sell.
“We interviewed lots … (1 comments)

marketing: What is Your Marketing Strategy? - 04/19/10 12:44 AM
This week we speak with Dan Levitan, Levitan & Associates
I talk with builders across the county and still have difficulty understanding how builders expect to profit without a true strategy for success.  To illustrate, I was speaking to a gentleman recently that was working on a new plan for a builder.  The builder is upset because he’s not getting the traffic he needs and he wants to change his ads.  I asked, “What good is changing the ad going to do if, in fact, he doesn’t have a strategy?”  This gentleman has been in the business for a while, but … (2 comments)

marketing: Setting Realistic Customer Expectations - 03/07/10 10:02 PM
This week we speak with guest, Tom Stephani.
Most of the ‘clients from hell’ are clients that we create on our own.
We create our own clients from hell by not creating, setting and maintaining realistic expectations from the very get go.  We have a lot of things that we do as an industry that we have to be very, very, very careful about, especially in these times when the custom client has the opportunity to go to any builder within the marketplace to have their home built.  And there are a lot of people that are promising things and not delivering on … (2 comments)

marketing: Staying In Touch To Make the Sale - 11/29/09 12:46 PM
This week interviews our special guest, Jerry Constanzo, G. L. Costanzo & Associates,
Every new home salesperson learns early on that selling a home takes time.  Lots of time. Sometimes it’s many months or more between contact and close.  And when we’ve got a tall stack of leads to follow up on, the challenge is in determining who should get our valuable time and attention.  Jerry Costanzo has spent years selling new homes, and is a sales manager.  Now his company, G.L. Costanzo and Associates Incorporated, works with builders and sales organizations to increase their effectiveness.  Here, Jerry shares … (2 comments)

marketing: Strategic Marketing - Why Builders Must do Their Homework - 10/27/09 01:55 PM
BuilderRadio speaks with Dan Levitan, Levitan & Associates
“The economy’s bad and the market’s been down, but projects that are well conceived and well implemented are still selling.”
Dan Levitan is getting excited.  As a strategic consultant to homebuilders and developers, he’s seen the turmoil of the last few years from two different perspectives - his client’s and his own.  And, while it appears that the housing crisis has bottomed out and the recovery has begun in many markets, Levitan is adamant that more builders could recover more quickly if they would look at their market, discern where the market is … (0 comments)

marketing: Networking 2.0 - The Power of Professional Connections - 10/19/09 08:23 AM
Featuring discussions with Ed Doss, New Homes Professional Networkand Jerry Rouleau, BuilderRadio.comLast week I attended a conference called BlogWorld & New Media Expo, a three-day event that you might think was focused on blogginfg, podcasting, videocasting, etc.
You’d be wrong.
The conference was all about connecting - building trusting relationships, developing those connections, and honoring the commitments and responsibilities that we assume as professionals.
For me, the highlight of the conference was the opportunity to connect with other housing professionals attending the conference’s real estate track - an entire full-day program on how Realtors, mortgage lenders and sales pros are using … (2 comments)

marketing: Restarting Home Sales: The Recovery Begins - 10/11/09 01:21 PM

We, the BuilderRadio Faculty, do hereby declare the end of the housing recession
Who gives us the authority to say that?  Um, well, consider this a citizen’s arrest of the recession.  We feel that someone has lead the way by taking decisive action that others can follow, and frankly, we’re tired of waiting.  So, we’ve stepped up to the plate.  Won’t you join us?
Really, though, who has more clout to make that statement than the consultants, teachers and coaches that are BuilderRadio faculty members?  Each of them is a renowned industry leader.  Each has clear insights into the marketplace, … (0 comments)

marketing: Builders are Peanut Butter, Realtors are Chocolate - 09/27/09 11:34 PM
BuilderRadio interviews Brent Forsberg, Brent Forsberg Realty
Remember the Reece’s commercial a few year’s (decades?) back where a guy with a chocolate bar bumps into another guy with a jar of peanut butter, and they both get excited at how the two flavors compliment each other?  (Dating myself, I know.)
Well, builders are like peanut butter; Realtors are chocolate.  Sure, you can both stand on your own, but together you may just be able to create something greater than the sum of it’s parts.
I just coined a new phrase:  The Reece’s Factor.
This week’s guest, Brent Forsberg, a Realtor in … (3 comments)


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