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The real estate market is cyclical, and for most parts of the country we are in a buyer's market. This is usually indicated when there are a a lot of homes (inventory) on the market.  Buyers sometimes wait to see if prices will drop further since this doesn't always happen they may miss out on wh...
As home owners we are always trying to cut back on our energy bills. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you cut back on your water and energy usage. Not only are you saving $ you're helping the environment! Interesting Fact: Homes and buildings account for 20% of energy comsumption and rea...
Unlike many Realtors since I am an exclusive buyer's agent I do not have to deal with the struggle of trying to help my sellers understand the current housing market and price a house accordingly. A home losing significant value is very difficult for even a seasoned home owner to come to term wit...
I read an article on MSN this morning and thought that it was not only well written but also made understanding some of today's housing situation easier for a person not in the real estate business. The article was: The housing Mess: 5 'Dumb' Questions, by Marilyn Lewis. It basically said that no...
In today's buyer's market it is even more important that buyer's be represented fairly. Many consumers don't understand how agency relationships work, and may make the assumption that they are being fairly represented when they are actually not.  Too often a buyer will make the mistake of calling...
Charleston moves up to # 2 in Conde Nast Traveler's People's Choice Awards! Last year Charleston was ranked number 3 behind New York City and San Francisco in the People's choice Awards conducted by Conde Nast Traveler's magazine on the top US cities to visit.  This year Charleston slid past NYC ...


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