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It’s important to know the numbers and understand how you can negotiate with your lender and in some cases the seller to help you get these numbers down.   When you fill out a loan application the bank, loan officer or broker has 3 days to provide you with a good faith estimate. This good faith ...
  The first thing most people do is start the search either online or in their car on the weekend driving around going to open houses and model homes. It’s fun and gives you a feel for what you might be looking for in a home but is really not a great way to begin. The problem with this is most o...
One thing you could always count on was a long and even in some cases short term Real Estate investment. The safe investment most baby boomers had in there portfolios for retirement was and hopefully for some still is Real Estate. Most long term Real Estate investing is safe. Like any investment...
  This program has been around for some time now and I don’t think enough people know about it or are taking advantage of the opportunity. I personally don't think Fannie Mae is doing a very good job of getting the word out about this great program. With that said I thought I'd lend them a hand.T...

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