ipiccycom: Tulips + Imagination, Meadowlark Photowalk, iPiccy.com Editing - 04/25/13 08:16 PM
Tulips + Imagination,  Meadowlark Photowalk, iPiccy.com Editing
Spring is a wonderful time for those of us that enjoy photographing the colors of the season.  Flower photography is an enjoyable hobby and walking for a few hours to take pictures is good exercise.
If you live in the DC Metro Region, you will want to visit Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Virginia.  This 95 acre garden is a property of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.  The address for your GPS is 9750 Meadowlark Gardens Court, Vienna, VA 22182.  Admission is free.
Dolores and I took lots on photographs during an … (38 comments)

ipiccycom: Photo Editing For Fun: iPiccy.com is FREE! - 10/16/12 01:16 AM
Photo Editing For Fun: iPiccy.com is FREE!
Dahlias + Imagination at Brookside Gardens

Dolores and I always enjoy our visits to Brookside Gardens, in Wheaton, Maryland.  My Saturday outing was my first photowalk since recent surgery.  It is always a pleasure to spend a few hours in beautiful gardens with a camera in hand.
Recently, I photographed the annual Dahlia Show at Brookside Gardens.  The flowers were beautiful this year.  I edit all of the photographs on iPiccy.com before storing them in Flickr and posting them in Facebook albums.  When I want to use a photograph in a blog, I … (32 comments)

ipiccycom: Going Green with iPiccy.com - 10/15/12 01:21 AM
Going Green with iPiccy.com
Every photograph that is to be used for marketing can be improved by editing.  All of us need to be careful not to over edit photographs because they could be perceived to be misleading.
With personal pictures, we have no restrictions. If you want to change the color of a flower just for fun is is perfectly okay. Test your photo editing skills on some flower photographs... just for fun. 
Enjoy the weekend and be sure to have your camera in hand to capture the special moments.
This photograph was edited with the free iPiccy.com service.  … (19 comments)

ipiccycom: Having fun with iPiccy.com: Wings of Fancy, Brookside Gardens in MD - 09/27/12 03:30 AM
Having fun with iPiccy.com:  Wings of Fancy Butterflies, Brookside Gardens
Every photograph can be improved with photo editing.  We like the free service provided by iPiccy.com.  Give it a try if you need photo editing assistance.  The price is right.
Brookside Gardens, in Montgomery County, Maryland adds much to the quality of life for residents and for visitors from around the world.  One of our favorite annual exhibits is Wings of Fancy, a live butterfly and moth exhibit.  Montgomery County is the favorite location for families that are transferred the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia.
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ipiccycom: Ribbit Photo Editor Replaces Picnik and it's Free! - 06/26/12 06:24 AM
New Jersey professional home stager and outstanding photographer Kristine Ginsberg suggests that we try Ribbit.com for our photo editing.
I have been using iPiccy.com and have been pleased with the quality of the results.  If you are not using a photo editor, you should take a look at Ribbit.com and iPiccy.com.  They are easy to use.  Every photograph that you use in marketing should be edited.
Please go to the original post if you wish to leave a comment that Kristine will see.
Ribbet Photo Editor Replaces Picnik and it's Free! 
 Ever since Picnik closed many of us have been searching … (7 comments)

ipiccycom: FAQ: What do you use for photo editing? - 06/04/12 04:55 AM
FAQ:  What do you use for photo editing?
Dolores and I use Canon cameras that include photo editing software when you purchase the camera.  It does a pretty good job but other editing software is even better.  For a good while, we used Picnik and that was discontinued by Google.
We now use the free photo editing at iPiccy.com.  It is easy to use and the results are quite acceptable.  Unless you are very talented or very lucky, almost every photograph can be improved by a little editing.  If you are using photographs in your marketing materials, all should be edited … (20 comments)





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