It's Tax Season. Your first year as a business for self professional. You are dreading the inevitable bill from the Tax Man. You know there are hundreds of loop holes to save you a ton of cash. But what are they? And how will you ever have the time to find them all? You won't. So you leave it to ...
We're kidding right? .... Absolutely NOT!                                                                                                 One of the biggest misconception buyers these days have is that Realtors charge a fee for their services to buyers. Now we are not saying that this doesn't hap...
Whenever I drive though our area I'm surprised at the wide range of home styles, sizes and designs. There's something or everyone, that's for sure. Some homes impress us with dramatic architecture. Others dazzle us with snazzy features or comfort us with practical design and familiar styling. Whe...
Sometimes people are curious about a certain property,sometimes they have questions about the value of other homes on their blocks, sometimes they just wan an opinion on interest rates. Whatever your curiousity or question, We'd be happy to offer our professional and confidential advice. All you ...
If you've ever used Listerine, this will come as no big surprise. I mean, they say it "kills germs on contact" and, judging from the smell of it alone, you know they are probably right. It makes sense, then, that the popular mouthwash is also quite good at disinfecting wounds, getting rid of mild...
A customer called us the other day and asked if We could show him a builder's "model home." We think he was just asking wishfully, because he was really surprised when We said "yes!" The fact is, under today's computerized and cooperative real estate system, We can show almost any home to any int...
"The one thing that is for certain in certainty!" If somebody else wouldn't have said this first, I know I would have coined the phrase. One of the most challenging things about the real estate business is its propensity for change. Keeping up with these changes and adapting our marketing, sellin...
Extra touches to your home can add instant pizazz. Sometime it's one piece of furniture, a new rug, or simply rearranging the layout of your present furniture and accessories. One designer said her creativity was really the "rearranging of the old and familiar in a new way." If you or a friend ar...
We strive to provide the best service possible but, as they say, there's always room for improvement. So if you have any specific comments about the service we've provided so far (negative or positive!) We'd really appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to call anytime, or just jot a comment or t...
2025 Meadowgate Blvd London Ontario $235,000 Immaculate 2 plus 1 bedroom, 3 bathroom end unit nestled in this distinctive adult condo community. This former model suite boasts $14k in builder upgrades. The one car garage has access from the inside. Gleaming hardwood floors throughout the open co...

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