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If you are a listingRealtor or a person who has just gotten foreclosure notice from your lender(s), no doubt you have heard about a myriad of "Foreclosure Defense" firms that promise to delay or prevent foreclosure or even prevent the enforcement of the mortgage because if irregularities in the l...
 "What chance is there that the bank is going to make me pay the difference (or deficiency) when we are through?"  This is the most often asked question I get as an attorney that specializes in residential mortgage loan workouts and (avoiding foreclosure through short sales or modification).  If ...
It is only 3 weeks since the new bailout programs "started" but don't ask for any testimonials from any homeowner whose home has been saved. The programs were described in my recent article BAILOUT FOR HOMEOWNERS - WITHOUT WALL STREET,  and the follow up article BAILOUT MISREPRESENTATIONS AND MIS...
Here is more proof that the loss mitigators used by some banks just don't quite "get it". In an article this morning in the Palm Beach Post, by staff writer Eve Samples, Wells Fargo is targeted for its botched handling of a short sale opportunity, resulting in a loss to the bank of at least $40,0...
The government bail out of the housing crisis has created wonderfully conceived programs to keep homeowners in their homes with re-negotiated mortgages or refinanced mortgages.  The specific programs for the home saving legislation are the HOPE for Homeowners (H4H) and FHASecure programs. I spoke...
Sometimes you get a frank speaking knowledgable person that sums up the day's thought succintly and in one sentence.  Speaking on the Financial Crisis, legenday investor Jim Rogers, in an interview reported on CNBC this morning said the irresponsible people need to go bankrupt if necessary.  Here...
The stock market is at equivalent lows to times dating back to the Great Depression (which for those of you needed date measurements is almost 75 years ago). In 1987 there was a stock crash but not like now.  Now there are other more compelling issues regarding the financial trust between banks a...
OK all you short sale Realtors - Here is my list of the top ten short sale rules when dealing with sellers and buyers.  What is your top ten list for YOUR favorite category involved in the short sale process (lender, buyer, seller, buyer Realtor, Seller Realtor, processor, loss mitigator and serv...
The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act just passed on October 3rd is not the cure-all you might hope for.  The Act authorizes the creation or expansion of governmental entities and departments to deal with the housing crisis.  Implimenting these provision is what will create the "cures".  Assum...
My wife asked a very important question this morning - so what does this new Act do for the housing market? I then read the entire Act and wrote a blog of the Act in a NUTSHELL.  Then realized that I have not discussed what the Act will do for Realtors and distressed homeowners.  The Act is not t...

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