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Be vigilent Mr. / Ms. Broker!  Rental scams can hit not only renters, but brokers too. Here in Palm Beach County, we have more than our share of $35,000 wage earners buying $1.9 million dollar homes - we have people willing to rent those $1.9 million dollar homes for $1,000 a month - and apparent...
I just can't get a day of rest! One of my clients had a rotten experieince this week with a home inspector. REDC, the California company that does default solutions and auctions for lenders, has gotten a nice niche for doing home inspections for lenders just prior to the lender accepting and fili...
You leased a property to a tenant for a year - and he called you after 3 months to ask why he was given a writ of possession to vacate the property because of a foreclosure sale.  He wants to know: A. Who is going to return his pre-paid rent? B.  Who is going to return his security deposit? C.  D...
We get so many questions about what is a DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT and how it differs from other possibilities including DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE or SHORT SALE.  Recent blogs and Broker Bryant provided a request that I write a detailed article explaining and differentiating these three items. This a...
Calling all Realtors - What follows is a segment of a blog response to a discussion on the concept of "buy and bail". The words below were written by an unnamed person who is obviously an underwater owner.  It is important to know that to many, Realtors and Bankers are the cause of everyone's fin...
Earlier this week I wrote about lenders taking the next step after a foreclosure.  Foreclosures happen from borrowers that "walk away" from their upside down valued properties, whether because of job loss, other expenses more important than the mortgage payment, or just a strategic default.  You ...
The Senate approved the House's bill to give homebuyers an extra three months to finish qualifying for federal tax incentives that boosted home sales this spring. The House approved the measure on Tuesday. Obama is expected to sign it shortly. The legislation extends the deadline to close on purc...

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