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About a decade plus a few days from the date this is written our government was swimming in a budget surplus, and we as a whole, were substantially employed, had lots of equity in our homes and the prospects for our futures seemed bright.  Few if any of us knew of - or if we did - paid any attent...
Based upon statistics from RealtyTrac just released, bank foreclosures in Florida increased 44% in June compared to the previous month.  In Palm Beach County, bank foreclosures were up 119%!  That is more than double the previous month, when "only" 484 new foreclosures were filed. These numbers a...
Since 2007 I have been accumulating my legal experience articles in one "sort of easy" repository.  You can find them at my Table of Contents.  The page contains most of my hopefully informative posts on Short Sales and Loan Modifications and distressed property issues in general from an attorney...
My law practice today involves dealing with lots of borrowers (for foreclosure solutions) and lenders (for foreclosure prosecution).  One of the most prevalent financial situations with a borrower whose property is subject to a condominium, homeowner or property owner association is that they sto...
There are sometimes opportunities where a homeowner qualified for a reverse mortgage is having problems meeting the day to day expenses of life, resulting in financial hardship.  Often this results in the homeowner scrimping on drugs, or food, just to pay the mortgage and electricity.  A reverse ...
This is a follow-up article to my post AGENT 100% LIABLE BY COLLECTING RENTS FOR A FOREIGN OWNER TO PAY 30% TO THE IRS here on Activerain. Several readers (and clients) requested information on how to continue to properly represent foreign person owners of USA properties that receive rental incom...

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