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Pretty much all the agents we work with have done HAFA short sales where the lender first saw the deal when the contract was submitted by the agent and then a BPO substantiates the FMV for the contract and the sale goes through.  HAFA has certain benefits to borrowers in that the deficiency is fo...
You can have a cow without a tail, but you cannot have a tail without a cow. My law office has been receiving reports of aggressive tactics of mortgage lenders pursuing borrowers on the promissory note alone.  This means they are avoiding foreclosure actions and going straight after borrower asse...
PRESENTING THE SHORT SALE ADDENDUM YOU CAN'T SIGN!   Agents hold on to your wallets as this could cost you big time!  This is just too big and important to let one blog article suffice.  And developments on this are occurring quickly.  The problem was pointed out in my re-blog Freddie Mac Short S...
OK, I NEVER reblog another blog - but this one merits an exception. The parapgraph 13 is very problematic because as worded, each signatory is liable for the acts of others and their relationship to the transaction. So a closing agent would be liable to the lender for the seller lying on its fina...
Is this becoming an epidemic?  Two foreclosure buyers in less than one week met with me for solutions to problems they discovered AFTER they purchased homes at a foreclosure sale.  The problem is that the foreclosure sale was attractive because the value of the property was far above the amount ...
In a classic case of a Judge getting fed up with attorney kindergarten like behavior, an Austin,Texas Federal Judge commanded the attorneys "report to "a kindergarten party" at the courthouse.  There was no optional "RSVP" according to the Order. The Order is a classic exercise of the judiciary r...

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