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  In a follow –up to my featured article SHORT SALE RESCUE FRAUD ON DESPERATE HOMEOWNERS, the Palm Beach Post front page today headlines:Investment firm offers salvation to distressed homeowners, but some say they were misled.  The article quotes me saying, “"You have to look through to the inten...
Today there was an important resolution to the Freddie Mac short sale affidavit that practically every bank has adopted regardless of the loan being Freddie Mac or not. As written in my previous articles (Freddie Mac Short Sale Addendum - Item #13 - I DON'T THINK SO!! and STAND-OFF WITH FREDDIE M...
Question we sent to BoA on approval letter – “It is confusing.  How do we get deficiency waived?”  BoA Answer - “This is the only approval we have.  It clearly states it’s waived.” You be the judge.  Just see below. First, if this is the only approval letter they have, it is the first time I have...
The more frustrating interview question I have with potential clients is them telling me if they are in foreclosure because of non-payment of their mortgage.  I have two questions: Are you in foreclosure?; and Have you been served?  Too often I get a NO to the first question and YES to the second...
I don’t know where to start, this story is so typical of ripping off desperate homeowners thanks to many “get rich through short sales” seminars and those practicing what they were preached.  In this case, congratulations to the fraudster – he pocketed $60,000 with no investment! – But now he has...
Mortgage Insurance has become a problem when negotiating a short sale. What seems like a straight forward negotiation becomes one of hard fought demands to reach a viable solution. The reason is the existence of mortgage insurance on the mortgage loan. Now many borrowers hear that the lender's mo...

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