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One of the prominent questions regarding mortgage deficiencies and the new law on Florida's statute of limitations for enforcement of a mortgage deficiency is whether it applies to a Florida short sale.There has been uncertainty as to its application to short sales because the new law, which went...
The Florida statute of repose deals with how long a mortgage lien exists. This week we received a release of a mortgage lien that had expired – after we threatened to sue the lender for slander of title.This is not an isolated situation. The expiration of a mortgage lien happens all the time and ...
CFPB rule making is changing how we do business in all areas of financial real estate when financing is involved.The latest news is that the Florida Bar / Florida Association of Realtors will be using new residential real estate form contracts for residential financed transactions beginning in la...
Property Fraud is a silent assault upon your real estate where the fraudster either mortgages your mortgage free property or sells it to some hapless buyer.  You don't find out about it until days, weeks, months or maybe even years later.  For a prime example, see my most read article from years ...
The magic wand of quieting the title to eliminate your mortgage on your Florida property has had a wild if not consistent ride – downhill.  Whether being free of your mortgage is fact or fantasy, reality or hype, or just plain magic will soon be decided by the Florida Supreme Court.  In the early...
This poster was sent to me by Michele Bellisari michelebeeboca@gmail.com a real estate broker in Boca Raton Florida -- Good job Michele! -- My dog will appreciate your advice the evening of July 4th as we live near the big firework festival in West Palm Beach!  He hates fireworks (and thunder to...
The monumental Supreme Court decision in Obergefell vs Ohio changes the landscape of gay rights regarding real estate, marriage, immigration and torts (damages for personal injury).  Here is the nutshell version of how it will affect most gay unions and soon to be marriages as well as those alrea...
Florida homeowners who lost their home to foreclosure or short sale could be escaping a deficiency judgment if the lender misses the statue of limitations.  The new law, now in its second year, seems to have former Florida homeowners  escaping deficiency risk where their lenders - especially 2nd ...
In a long expected vote by the House of Representatives, HR 5771 was passed today just after 3 pm ET.  HR 5771 in section 102 provides for the extension of the presently expired Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act, which expired at the stroke of midnight December 31, 2013.  The law is now extended thou...
On September 30th the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - created under the sweeping Dodd Frank Act - showed it is continuing its campaign to penalize violations of kickback schemes in the real estate industry. Citing illegal quid pro quo referral agreements as being a violation of RESPA, it s...

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