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For those homeowners and former homeowners that did a “strategic default” or just ignored (OR ARE IGNORING) the mortgage foreclosure filed against their property, a strong wake-up call occurred last month when Fannie and Freddie were told to start collecting on these potential income sources to s...
UPDATE - SEE CRITICAL 2013 UPDATE ON THIS LAW AT: http://activerain.com/blogsview/4199826/grand-canyon-loophole-for-tenants-landlords-in-foreclosure  In March I wrote about the problems tenants faced when the landlord was in foreclosure. See TENANT RIGHTS AND FORECLOSURE - A DISCUSSION OF SAFEGUA...
 Short Sale Loan Modification and Foreclosure Blog Articles A Periodic Listing of Articles by Lawyer Richard Zaretsky  ----------------------------------------------Be sure to contact your own attorney for your state laws, and always consult your own attorney on any legal decision you need to mak...
The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009 clearly stated that any lease entered into AFTER the notice of foreclosure did not have the protection of the Act to allow the full lease term to run.  But the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act opened up the Grand Canyon of income gen...
What happens when the lender and the borrower agree to delay the foreclosure trial or delay the foreclosure sale because of a pending modification (as required under the 2012 National Mortgage Settlement) or short sale?  In too many Florida courts – the judge says NO and the borrower loses the ho...
What was once the area of vague innuendo and assumption and presumption of DEFICIENCY WAIVER intentions and meaning behind Short Sale Approval Letters is finally – after 5 years of confusion – becoming clear and concise.  The question of course is – IS THE BANK WAIVING THE DEFICIENCY?  Bank of Am...
I bet you use text messaging, also called SMS and you send it to your children, your associates and clients.  I also bet you send them messages knowing they are driving a car.  Now some courts are ruling that if you know the recipient is driving and you send a text message, you can be liable for ...
Getting a house free and clear of a mortgage obligation to pay back money seems inequitable - and it is.  Make no doubt about it, it is absolutely unfair.  There is no moral right to "stick it to the bank".  But legally it is a reality.  The law and process as explained below, is about creating o...
I have read about people moving into empty homes and living there for months or longer until discovered – but I came upon it first-hand this past month.  I was accompanying a real estate broker (I have a financial interest in this brokerage) for a view of a new listing the broker received.  The h...
I have written about all the scam ways in which people including attorneys, file quiet title actions.  So it is only right to show a simple example of how a legitimate quiet title action works in Florida to eliminate the lien of a mortgage and obtain the title to the property debt free. In the sc...

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