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Rachel Rabinowitz writes about the good life in Baltimore, Maryland with a blog that features her work in real estate.



  This post was written by real estate professional based in Charlotte NC, and it can be applied to the Baltimore-Washington market as well. From an auction perspective, this is why we encourage sellers (whether they are private individuals or lenders) to accept the auction result, it may be less...
                                             You may remember this movie with Alec Baldwin from the Summer of 1994, "The Shadow". It was promoted with the tagline, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?". The Shadow was a a crime fighting vigliante with psyphic powers, a"pulp hero" from...
Last year I started making promotional videos for my listings for purposes of sharing them in an entertaining way via social media channels. I use the iMovie program on my Apple. The videos are a fun way for interested parties to "share" the listing with others in a casual way. They are posted on...
There are many different types of auctions, but three are most common:   Absolute Auction -- This method draws the highest price because of the total sense of urgency the auction creates.   More bidders attend because they know they are not wasting their time on a seller’s “fishing expedition”.  ...
                     The administration of an estate can be a difficult assignment, especially if the loss was sudden or unexpected. I learned this first hand a few years ago. Working in the auction industry, I've worked with families on a number of estate accounts over the years. Here is some in...
                                           The power of a deadline is an incredibly useful negotiation tactic. Deadlines force people to make decisions and take action. Think about it, each year most of us live our lives by seasonal deadlines; Tax day, Memorial day, and Christmas Eve just to name...
How to get Paid as an Agent at Auction. Earlier this week I wrote a blog post on buyer agency at auction ("A Shortsided Auction Practice that makes Zero Sense to Me"). Here are tips written by my colleague Linda Staples Terry, Tranzon Fox, on how to get paid as an agent at auction:   1. Read the ...
An auction firm has scheduled an auction for a property in a popular part of the city. Concurrently an interested buyer, Mrs. X, had been looking into other properties aided by the help of her real estate agent, with whom she has a buyer agency agreement. She's a top-notch agent, and I know Mrs. ...
       Since 2007 I've had the pleasure of working with Tranzon, a nationwide real estate auction firm. The business model that Tranzon offers is truly unique in the auction industry, we promote national auctions with local expertise, meaning that we offer sellers the dual benefit of a comprehens...
                                            How did you get into the real estate auction business? I get this question a lot. Maybe its because I'm not the person they have in mind when they think of real estate auctions.   I started in the auction business, specifically personal property auction...


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Rachel Rabinowitz writes about the good life in Baltimore, Maryland with a blog that features her work in real estate.