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Rachel Rabinowitz writes about the good life in Baltimore, Maryland with a blog that features her work in real estate.



  Last summer my friend Marcia brought me a few gifts from her garden including a small bouquet of “Rosemary to Remember”. With this gift she created a fun memory that keeps our get-together fresh in my mind, even six months later.                          I had a great week in my real estate pra...
 10 Rules for Women to Succeed in Business Come in, sit down, let’s talk. Among my friends I am the one known for my savvy business skills, and with this designation I tend to give a fair amount of career advice. After holding a wide range of jobs and moving from hourly employee to salaried emplo...
This week I had the pleasure of a quick getaway to Charleston South Carolina to attend the Tranzon conference at the Mills House Hotel on Meeting St. It proved to be a heady-mix of politicos and auctioneers, which is a fairly razzle-dazzle combination.   It was my first trip to Charleston, and if...
Sometimes we meet people in the business world that are masters of their craft, and occasionally, if we are lucky, they give us some advice that’s worth its weight in gold. Two years ago I had a sparkling phone conversation with one of my mentors where she gave me some great ideas. As I sat ther...
Is print advertising still part of the marketing plan for your real estate business? The irony is not lost on me that I am posing this question to an online real estate community. Specifically I am referring to print media that is used for prospecting and promotion of your business, not ads that ...
It was absolutely beautiful weather today here in Baltimore. It’s early January yet somehow the temperature soared to 65 degrees. I quickly came down with a case of spring fever. My mind turned to Sherwood Gardens in the Guilford neighborhood.          Outside my front door the entrance to the G...
  In Baltimore, most established luxury agents (there are only a handful) carry listings with massive days on market. They have convinced their sellers that it takes years to find the buyer for their unique properties. Allow me to challenge this notion; you don't have to be distressed to want res...


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Rachel Rabinowitz writes about the good life in Baltimore, Maryland with a blog that features her work in real estate.