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Mortgages are available in all shapes and sizes, no money and low down payment plans are still available, and dont forget to get qualified prior to shopping to be sure you are looking in the right price range.



Referrals Are at Your Fingertips   Great sales people understand the concept of turning one customer into many.... JUST ASK! The power of referrals is that you already share a connection with them.  This greatly increases the chance that a referral will become a prospect and a client. So, don't f...
  Surviving Our Crazy Business   Our business is a fun one, (most of the time). The biggest problem most of us have is turning it off.  Think of Jack Nicholson's character in the Shinning.  "All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy..."  If we do not allow ourselves to have a day off or to hav...
 I have had the opportunity to speak with many buyers this year, and by far the first question is:   Can I get a loan?    The media has led people to believe that there are no mortgages available... YES YOU CAN STILL GET A LOAN! As you are aware, the media has a tendency to twist the facts around...
 I have been to many  meetings at my local board office this year, and it seems that everyone has the same concern:   Can my buyers get a loan?   Of course they can. As you are aware, the media has a tendency to twist the facts around and bring out the bad in order to sell papers. I don't know wh...

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