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 Whats happening to Mortgage Rates this week? Last week was an overwhelmingly "happy" week for mortgages after an unchanged day on Monday we ended up with a gain of 29/32nds in Fannies by time the closing bell rang on Friday. This is mostly because word leaked out that The Fed stimulus will not a...
    Why should you buy a home now? I firmly believe that we will all look back on 2009 and say "I wish I got that house back in 2009!"  It is truly a buyers market. More inventory than we have seen in years... So Many choices for buyers. Interest rates are at very affordable levels Sellers are be...
What will influence Mortgage Rates this week? Well Last week was a mixed bag off confused numbers. Most numbers were stronger than expected and some were weaker. Over all there was only one Good day for mortgages last week, that was Thursday, But unfortunately Friday wiped out every bit of Thursd...
some of these truly made me LOL, I just had to share.  Enjoy!
  Last week was the 6th straight week of modest gains we have seen in Mortgage backed securities. Unfortunately we had a bit of a sell off Friday Afternoon that wiped out a really nice gain for the day, but overall the week still ended up with Fannie Prices UP 8/32nds. That is enough for rates to...
 Mortgage Rates Are Back Near Historic Lows!  I have been tracking the ups and downs as Fannies are trading for quite some time now, and since the initial uptick this spring we have had a flat market. Don't get me wrong, there have been some crazy days with big swings and entire weeks that were n...
  Where will Mortgage Rates be this week?  I cant believe that summer is over. Where did this year go?  Well The kids are back in school, and we still have work to do!  Last week ended up slightly positive. We had a bit of a sell off towards the end of the week as I had expected with the long wee...
 This is one near and dear to my heart. For years I have been saying that our schools fail at teaching basic Money and Finances to our children. Here is an opportunity right at your local library to give your kids a head start on how to manage their money What: free financial workshops for teens ...

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