nevada county life: RAMBLINGS...............December, 2013 - 12/04/13 12:31 PM
By:  Diane Sawdon
December is upon us~~that month of the year which never has enough hours in the day or days in the week.   I think we do this over programming and over scheduling  to ourselves.   We have way too high of expectations for a time span of thirty one days.  I am going to, once again, get on my verbal “soap box” and preach about stopping to smell the roses.  Or in the case of this month, the pine boughs.   When I look over past December Ramblings, I seem to travel down this same road every time.   Maybe I … (1 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS.............November, 2013 - 11/04/13 10:21 PM

By:  Diane Sawdon
Thirty days of “grateful.”   This is my personal challenge for the month of November.   I will be writing down a small blessing for each day~~~I will be looking for that one instance, one vision, one small action that will put a smile on my face or warm my soul just a bit.   My plan is to put each day’s written accounting in an envelope and read them all at the end of the month.  Who knows??  Will this devout contrarian be able to do this??   It is effortless to list those people and things that I hold … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS......September 2013 - 09/02/13 04:25 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
I was just sitting in my favorite chair staring at some mindless TV while trying to hide from the heat and humidity outside, when I glanced at the clock and realized that it was 4:09p.m. on the first day of the new month and I had not spent any part of this day giving thought to what I would commit to paper, or in this case, the computer.  The day has managed to slip away from me.  It seems like the Summer has done just that, too.  In my mind’s eye, it was just the Fourth of … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS................July, 2013 - 07/01/13 07:07 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
I took a huge chance today.   It was an opportunity for change.  But,  for me,  it was a huge step with unlimited consequences if I did not make the correct decision.   For years now, too many to count, I have been stuck in a rut.  It was a matter of convenience and operating under the theory of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”     About a year ago, or maybe even longer than a scant twelve months,  Burt’s Bees  Inc., manufacturer of many personal products from shampoo to diaper cream, stopped making … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS.........May, 2013 - 05/06/13 04:04 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
What am I going to type on this page??  My mind is an empty vat of stagnant thoughts.  Nothing is jumping to the forefront of my brain.  In fact, until about noon today, I had completely forgotten that I had to write Ramblings for my Better Half’s monthly Newsletter.   Not wanting to disappoint my seven fans, I am planted in this chair and will not leave it until I fill up this page with idle blather.  
I just took off my shoes.  Maybe this will help me think.  We have been in the yard … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS.........April, 2013 - 04/01/13 01:26 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
Happy April and Happy Spring!!  Mother Nature is doing her best to fool us with an April Fool’s Joke~~~our weather is anything but Springlike.   I am choosing not to be bothered by the grey clouds, heavy rain showers and, just for excitement, throw in some thunder and lightning.   I am in a Springtime Frame of Mind.   I have been waiting for this season to arrive for too many months and it is finally here.   Spring signals are popping up everywhere~~the daffodils are filling the landscape with glorious shades of yellow, the trees have … (1 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS.............December, 2012 - 12/06/12 06:35 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
Ramblings is usually published on the first Monday of the month.  This past weekend I was well aware that I needed to put fingers to keyboard, but the “spirit” was not moving me in that direction.  Besides, the power was out for 16 hours and, yes, we have a generator to power my Mac.   With that being said, I sit here now ready to compose some words for the month of December.   Since last month’s Ramblings was leaning towards a negative vent (or rant), I shall try to do better today.
It is, … (0 comments)

nevada county life: Ramblings........November, 2012 - 11/06/12 12:32 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
November has arrived and this is traditionally the time of year where one counts the blessings of the past year.   I am not feeling particularly thankful.    I am not proud of this feeling and when I look around, it appears that I, and my family, are getting the proverbial “short end of the stick.”    Jealousy is another emotion that has reared it’s ugly head lately and I detest feeling this way.  I abhor people who whine, so I shall choose not to whine.  I will make every attempt to move forward in a positive frame of mind … (2 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS..........October, 2012 - 10/01/12 10:59 AM

By:  Diane Sawdon
Hey, it’s Fall y’all~~~we have a cute Pumpkin Garden Stake at the nursery that says that.   Obviously, although the Autumnal Equinox took place eight days ago, Mother Nature is refusing to play by the rules or the date on the calendar.   It is 91 degrees in my breezeway right now.  I know this for a fact,  because I just walked through there and it was a very speedy journey via a blast furnace.    My Roommate and I have spent the entire day in the yard doing some Fall planting of conifers and shrubs.  Our route on our … (3 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS....................June 2012 - 06/04/12 04:31 AM
SALMON LAKE,  May, 12, 2012

By:  Diane Sawdon
The month of May is now in the past.  It was not a stellar month for me by any means.  I spent a good portion of my days wading through piles of never ending paperwork.   Swimming in jello would have been less challenging and more manageable.   I learned, all too quickly,  that no official organization, bank,  or insurance company will give you the time of day without a Death Certificate.  The real challenge ahead will be proving that my sister did die in 1996 in Kern County.   So far, that hot spot … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS...............December 2011 - 12/05/11 08:50 AM

How did that happen??  Where did the year go??  Once again, the month of December has rolled around and the year has but a few days left.  I have been trying to get ready for this auspicious month.  The house is decorated, I am in the process of writing Christmas cards, most gift shopping has been completed and soon I will be making some sweet treats in the kitchen to share with friends and family.  The only thing missing~~~and it is the most important piece of the puzzle~~is the emotion that goes along with the holiday.  Where did I … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS.........................October 2011 - 10/02/11 11:48 AM

By Diane SawdonThe calendar tells me that Fall has officially arrived, but thethermometer says it is 87 outside. There is some confusion here, to besure. Mother Nature delayed the arrival of Summer, so Fall, too, must befollowing in this delayed arrival pattern. Like many residents of NevadaCounty, I am ready for a change of Seasons. The weather forecast fornext week is rain and I am looking forward to it. After last Winter, Ibetter be very careful about what I wish for~~~I may be eating thesewords in a few short months.Two weeks ago, we returned to The Lakes Basin area … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS..........................March 2011 - 03/06/11 07:10 AM

By Diane SawdonIt is one of those months~~~~nothing to say. My Better Half told me, “oh, it will be one of those.” I was quite offended and asked, “what are those?” To which he replied, “you will just bang something out and not like it.” Those were fighting words to me. I needed to come up with some brilliant banter that would just knock the socks off of my three readers of Ramblings. What to write, what to write, what to write.............February has been the return of a major blast of winter from Mother Nature. We had those few short … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS...............February 2011 - 02/07/11 02:36 PM

By Diane SawdonYou are going to have to humor me. I have embarked on a serious stroll down Memory Lane this past month via music. It all started when we were on one of our many “clean and dump” days at my Mother’s home. She had one of those stereo systems dating from the early 1960s which was housed in a piece of furniture that was the size of a freight car. Did it work?? Of course not. It has not worked for years, but it filled up a large expanse of wall space. Besides, it was a gift … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS..............October 2010 - 10/03/10 08:21 AM

By Diane Sawdon
Today is October 1st~~~~my daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you and countless more. I remember this day those many years ago when you arrived in this world. You continue to amaze me with the way you balance your family, home and your career. Make sure you take time to “smell the roses” this next year. That is my gift of advice for you. Those precious years with those adorable granddaughters of mine will fly by in an instant.
My husband told me that life is about money and time. My retort was that you … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS..................August 2010 - 08/04/10 04:29 AM

By Diane SawdonBelieve it or not, I told my Better Half that it smelled like Fall outside a few mornings ago. He just looked at me with that all- knowing-male-superiority glance which loosely translated to, “are you nuts, psychic or both?” But, my nose knows. There is a hint of something in the very early morning air. I am not the only woman to think this way. My boss claims her pool has a different feel to it when she goes for her early morning swim (try 5:30a.m.). My neighbor just noted this morning that she feels a difference, … (1 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS....................July 2010 - 07/09/10 11:54 AM

By Diane Sawdon
True confession time~~~~~my mind is a blank. I have no soapbox to stand upon, no ax to grind, no tooting of one’s own horn, no big complaints and no whining to be done. Can this be possible that I have nothing to say?? Never!
I have been working in the yard for most of the day and while I was digging holes, pulling weeds, chopping down trees (yes, in another life I was Paula Bunyan) with my very own power tool, and watering our latest tree additions, I kept searching the computer in my … (1 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS........................January 2010 - 01/01/10 08:35 AM

Happy 2010!!  It is a new year and a new decade and my sincere wish is for health and happiness and growth and insight for everyone reading this----and for me, too.  Heaven knows, I need all the insight I can conjure up to get me through the days.
No, no, no!  There will not be any New Year’s Resolutions from me.  If you read last year’s Ramblings you understand why I despise them.  These useless diatribes so often made out of pure guilt from the night or days or weeks before the incoming New Year, leave me empty and … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS........................July 2009 - 06/30/09 05:03 AM
By Diane Sawdon
Simplify! The metal letters hanging on the wall above my kitchen sink say this. Why the word is located in this specific spot is so that I will see it every time I enter the room and, hopefully, it will have a constant impact on me. It is meant to be a reminder of why I now live here in Nevada City and what kind of a lifestyle I etch out while I walk through whatever years I have left on Planet Earth.
Four years ago we left the hustle and bustle of the Bay … (0 comments)

nevada county life: RAMBLINGS...............................June 2009 - 06/01/09 04:47 AM
By Diane Sawdon
I admit to doing and being a lot of things, but I am not one to procrastinate. Well, it seems this month I have added procrastination to my list. I just could not get those words inside my head and then transfer them to paper. And, it is not even paper, is it?? I am putting these words on a computer screen right in front of me to be sent out into the invisible world of cyberspace. It can boggle the mind of this techno peasant.
This past month both of our daughters have been … (0 comments)

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