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US Stocks are struggling once again, but have turned positive at the mid day mark.  Mortgage Bonds are still building on last weeks gains after finally breaking above strong resistance trend lines.    After falling to as low as 11,300 in early trading, the Dow is currently in the black.  Oil pric...
US Stocks are currently down, off to an unsure start this Friday after falling sharply yesterday.  Mortgage Bonds are trading positively, but not in proportion to losses by Stocks.   The Personal Consumption Expenditure (PCE) report released today shows a lower than expected rise in core inflatio...
US Stocks are falling like a rock as the Dow has hit its lowest point of the year, down over 250 points from yesterday's modest gains.  Mortgage Bonds are trading in the black, building on a positive finish Wednesday.    Stocks are facing extremely high selling pressure with 29 of the 30 Dow comp...
Check this out! Countrywide may be losing their license in WA.   Sorry, the link needs to be cut & pasted for it to work.  Not sure what went wrong.
US Stocks are moderately positive on the day, as Oil prices retreat due to reports of lower demand.  Mortgage Bonds have given back yesterday's gains while waiting for the Fed policy statement.   It's Fed Day, and most investors are waiting for the official release of the policy statement.  The s...
After falling over 100 points to start the day, US Stocks have turned positive.  Mortgage Bonds are also slightly positive, but trading in a tightly constricted range.   Stocks responded negatively this morning to reports by UPS of a profit warning, and a statement from Dow Chemical that they exp...
US Stocks are down slightly to begin the day, which may have more to do with a lingering "hangover" from Friday's losses than anything else.  Mortgage Bonds are trading at basically unchanged levels from last week's closing numbers.   There is a saying that "lousy Friday's are often followed by r...

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