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US Stocks are mostly down, with the Dow off by well over 100 points, after today's Jobless Claims Report, and lower than expected growth in GDP.  Mortgage Bonds are benefitting from the bad news, and are trading above previous pricing resistance.   Yesterday we heard rumors, and expectations that...
US Stocks started the day strong following yesterday's rally, but are starting to lose steam. Mortgage Bonds opened the day lower once again, but have picked back up to a positive status.   Stocks received a positive surprise in today's ADP Employment report which showed an increase in private se...
US Stocks are rebounding strongly from yesterday on dropping Oil prices, increased consumer confidence, and good news from earnings reports.  Mortgage Bonds seem to be funding this, and have given back nearly all of their recent gains as a result.   The Dow is currently driving upwards towards an...
The Senate just passed overwhelmingly the omnibus Housing bill (Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008) by a vote of 72-13.  The President is expected to sign the Bill into Law early next week. The bill is 694 pages, and obviously there is a LOT of change taking place! The Highlights as I see ...
US Stocks began the day on the down side, and all three indexes have slid further negative in the first hours of trading.  Mortgage Bonds are playing the role of beneficiary experiencing pricing gains of 50bp, or more.   Stocks are feeling pressure from a possible increase in Oil pricing, more ba...
US Stocks are up on positive news from the housing industry, along with a surprise increase to the Durable Goods, and Consumer Sentiment reports.  Mortgage Bonds fared poorly overnight, and after beginning the day lower,r have given up more ground during the day's trading.   US Stocks have lost s...
Why Ron Brown & First Mortgage? It is all too easy for members of my industry to "go through the motions" of another file, forgetting how fear of the unknown can bring stress to our clients.  One of First Mortgage's mottos is - "it's not about files, it's about Families."  I have made it a focus ...
US Stocks are well into the red today on more bad news from the Auto, and Housing industries.  Mortgage Bonds are the beneficiary as they started the day up over Wednesday's closing number, and have gained more in early trading.   The Stock Market has been on a roll lately, with the Dow up as muc...
US Stocks have rebounded in this morning's trading with all three major indexes in the black.  Mortgage Bonds started the day lower than yesterday's finish, but have now bounced higher after hitting technical support levels.   Stocks are reacting positively to our strengthening Dollar, and a cont...
US Stocks are mixed on another seesaw day of trading.  Mortgage Bonds started strong, breaking above pricing resistance, but turned negative on inflation fears.   The Dow is currently the lone positive index on the day, and even that is precarious, and only over the last hour of trading.  Today's...

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