So, doing some surfing this afternoon.   Placed my response to the PAR excerpt for all to read.  Equitable Interest What do you think ?   Brandon
Watch for a new guidebook to be available tomorrow.  Making some updates to it.  Will also be adding the nonperforming notes and researching titles products within the week to the My Products page. But, before you run off and buy it...I suggest holding.  Once I have the NPN and Title Search produ...
Ready for some videos ? look an effort to provide the best real estate investing blog on the net...I'm going live! :) here is sort of my first real video with it: was a short video about my other site. Will post some more on the camcorder soon so others can get one also.
Our meeting last night... It rocked.  It was awesome having so much feedback from everyone and to discuss where we are at in the real estate investing market here in SW PA. FYI...For anybody interested in Pennsylvania Real Estate Investing...I'll be adding links/sharing info, etc under the PA REI...
Ok, So, I finally put my first Youtube video up on line. Yeah, I's about time.  But get ready, because they will be coming fast and furious.  :) What does your Neighbor Owe VIDEO Anyway, it's about 2 properties I research to see whether the owner's are good candidates for buying their h...
Are you a real estate agent ?Home Inspector? Our bricks and mortar businesses are great. However, to truly move ahead against your competition, and to generate online profits that will work for you for years to really need to get into internet marketing...some way, some how. Even if it...
I'm asked many times what is a good short sale course for people to learn the ins and outs of how to complete a short sale transaction. Yes, you can choose to buy one for $700 and up...however...I simply can't recommend you do that. You can read my full review over at the following lens, but Jara...
Owner financing has been around since the beginning of time.  It's perturbing to me to see and read articles where people who supposedly are professionals, knowledgeable insiders, etc provide their expert opinions on a subject they apparently do not know a lot about.  This blog post is going to d...
For the real estate agent, broker, or professional, who understands how to structure owner financed deals, gold in the form of commission checks is awaiting. After having spoken with dozens of agents regarding the topic, I want to help provide solutions to your number one question:  How do I get ...
Buying Homes Owner Financed, or Seller Financed is not new, however 99% of the population has no ideas the millions of way an owner financed deal can be structured.  More importantly, owner financed homes do not normally require application fees, application fees, mortgage insurance protections, ...

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