ce: What’s the Best Way to Find Commercial Real Estate Properties? - 02/27/20 10:15 AM
Can we lead with a pro tip? I don’t know if it’s the best strategy, but it’s too good not to share. And, we’re big on answering questions directly. No beating around the bush! So, we’re answering the question posed in the headline with our best pro tip on the subject:
What’s the best way to find commercial real estate?
(and a lot of them are FREE!)
We’re not trying to yell at anyone with the all-caps above; we just really think it’s great information. Aaron and Julia here. When networking and chatting with people about Residential to Commercial Academy, we actually hear that question … (0 comments)

ce: Real Estate Flippers! Have You Considered CRE for Your Next Flip? - 02/24/20 09:20 AM
Five Tips to Help You Get StartedAcross the country, people are getting into the fix-and-flip trend in residential real estate. Pick up a distressed or outdated property at a reduced price, invest in some upgrades and sell it for a profit. The formula is pretty straightforward and let’s be real; Chip and Joanna Gaines have taught us all how to renovate a property on a budget!
But did you know commercial real estate is becoming increasingly popular with fix-and-flip investors? It is and the reason is simple; the potential for bigger profits and higher returns per deal. Compared to residential properties, the … (0 comments)

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