Reasons to Love Bend, Oregon     Oregon to most people is a far off distant land that never makes the news, gets by-passed on the weather channel, and has been the brunt of many Jeff Foxworthy jokes.  If you actually live in Oregon, especially Bend, you realize the beauty of the state and just h...
Moving to Bend Oregon! So you are thinking about making the jump and moving to Bend? Well congratulations! Bend is a sunny and beautiful city with a ton of friendly people! Be ready to be greeted by strangers when you are out for your morning walk. It is likely that while your furry friends get a...
Dogs are important members of many households and families! During summer we tend to leave our homes for weekend trips and vacations! This is when dogs play an even more essential role in our lives! They become our constant companions, braving the heat, soaking up the sunshine, frolicking in the ...

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