bend oregon real estate tidbits: Bend Real Estate Warming Up For Summer? - 05/02/14 04:39 AM
Is the Real Estate Market in Bend Oregon Really Warming Up?  
Considering selling your home in Bend Oregon? Find out now what your home may sell for this summer!

Here is a quick home selling tip: If your property needs work, such as: dated wallpaper, ratty carpet, old paint, ect. You will want to have it replaced now. This is so that all the buyers can picture what the home will be like on move in day! The more changes the buyers calculate in their heads, that they will need to change after move in, the more concerned they … (0 comments)

bend oregon real estate tidbits: Selling Your Home in Central Oregon? Here is How to Stage Your Home! - 04/14/14 04:01 AM
Selling Your Home in Central Oregon? Here is how to Stage Your Home to Sell! Have you ever wondered as a seller as to why some homes sell quickly while others remain on the market for several months or even years? The way a home is staged, has a lot to do with how easily and quickly it will sell! Homes staging refers to the process of making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Staging can occur both on the inside and outside of the home! Consider this—a home with bright green, neatly trimmed grass vs a home that has … (0 comments)