customer service: 6 Tips for Delighting Your Callers - 04/12/17 12:38 PM
What is your caller journey like? When you’re working to attract new buyers and sellers, impressions matter, and the first seconds really count: research shows people judge someone’s trustworthiness within the first 500 milliseconds of hearing their voice.
So, what impression do you make when a potential client calls you for the first time—or even before? Here are six important telephone touchpoints to consider:

Telephone number - Is it easy to find? Clickable? Include your number on every page of your website, and aim to make it clickable so mobile users can reach you with a quick tap.
Before the answer - … (21 comments)

customer service: Win More Business With After-Hours Phone Support - 04/05/17 12:01 PM
What hours do you work? What days? Chances are, as a real estate agent, you aren’t just working from nine to five, Monday through Friday. Whether you’re showing properties, meeting with prospective buyers, or focusing on paperwork, a typical work week includes evenings and weekends. Because many buyers and sellers do work 9-5, they’re likely to reach out during those evening and weekend hours—and if you want to earn their business, it’s critical to create a good impression when they call. Here are three key things to keep in mind concerning phone coverage:
Giving Clients One-on-One Attention
According to Zillow’s 2016 Housing Trends … (9 comments)

customer service: Creating a Great Phone Experience for Buyers and Sellers - 03/27/17 01:50 PM
If you checked out my last blog post, you know click-to-call technology is driving smartphone users to call businesses more than ever before, and the number of calls to businesses is expected to rise substantially in the coming years. How can real estate agents prepare for this inbound call surge? Once you get potential buyers clicking and calling, how do you deliver the service they’re looking for?
According to Invoca, mobile callers usually connect with businesses for three key reasons:

To assess things quickly. Rather than doing a bunch of research on their tiny smartphone screens, mobile users are looking to click, … (25 comments)

customer service: How to Attract More Buyers with Click-to-Call - 03/09/17 11:31 AM
Texting, tweeting, posting comments, writing reviews: there are plenty of ways for smartphone users to communicate with friends, strangers, and companies without ever having a conversation. But research shows the good old-fashioned phone call hasn’t gone out of style—in fact, thanks to click-to-call technology, calls to businesses are on the rise and expected to keep rising, with a predicted 162 billion calls to businesses from smartphones in 2019. That’s great news for real estate agents and business owners everywhere, and two key ingredients can help you drive more buyers to your business line: a clickable, easy-to-find number, and a quality phone experience. … (24 comments)

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