real estate technology: How to record a audio real estate podcast - 08/24/06 06:48 PM
Recording and editing a real estate podcast is a relativly easy task. You can learn more about how to record, edit  and add music to a podcast in have a professional sounding podcast in under 30 minutes. You can watch a 6 minute video that we created to see just how easy the software works that we posted on our real estate blog here.
Happy real estate podcasting

real estate technology: CNN Video: Podcasting 101 Series : Introduction to Podcasts - 08/08/06 11:41 AM
What is a podcast? It is actually an audio or video file enclosed in an itunes compatable RSS Feed. It is another way that you can market your business. And I will dispell the biggest podcasting myth. YOU DO NOT NEED AN iPOD To LISTEN TO OR WATCH A PODCAST.
You can watch them right on your desktop. So to help you better understand what a podcast is on a general level watch this video clip from CNN. I hope this helps you understand on a very basic level what a podcast is.
This video totally misses the perspective of how podcasts … (5 comments)

real estate technology: Podcast: Why Choose Blogsite as Your Real Estate Blogging Platform? - 08/01/06 08:38 AM
ok. So I sometimes feel like a broken record having the same conversations over and over I decided to create a quick 5 minute audio podcast about why real estate agents and brokers need to consider a business blogging platform technology as an integral part of their marketing and online business presence and strategy.
You can listen to the audio podcast here:
This podcast is not a post for a specific blogging platform; rather it is a podcast and story about why blogging & podcasting is part of the emerging web 2.0 and part of an effective online marketing strategy for … (2 comments)

real estate technology: TechCrunch at Inman Real Estate Connect - 07/30/06 06:02 AM
Recently we were at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in San Francisco and talked to a number of innovators in the real estate industry. The most controversial and entertaining speakers was Michael Arrington who is the founder of Which happens to be the premier and most read blog on Web 2.0 technology.
I managed to snag a quick video podcast interview with Michael right after he spoke to the group. Watch this video podcast and see what he has to say about how technology is going to radically change the real estate industry. Real Estate Technology and web 2.0 technologies … (4 comments)

real estate technology: Real Estate Podcasting 101 :Part 1 - 07/17/06 06:55 AM
OK. So this is the first in a series of posts about Podcasting for the real estate industry. Let me fist answer this basic question:
What is a Podcast?
Answer: A Podcast is Audio or Video that is "Wrapped" in an RSS 2.0 iTunes Compatable Feed.
Audio & Video Podcasts can be used for many purposes in the Real Estate industry.
Audi & Video Podcasting is a way that real estate agents can extend their brand online, become the respected "GO TO" person in any local real estate market by sharing thier knowledge in a podcast format.
Question: How is this different from video or … (10 comments)


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