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One of the key drivers of homes sales, the employment rate, is beginning to show promising signs of a turnaround. The four-week average for jobless claims, as of November 19, was 394,250, a drop of 3,250 from the previous four weeks, and at the lowest levels since April. Consumer confidence also ...
This year here are some resolutions that will help you not drop the ball on protecting you or your family. 2012 resolutions: Don’t be a distracted driver - Many vehicle crashes are avoidable if people would just pay closer attention to what they are doing and to what is going on around them. Inat...
  ****Give a Holiday Gift Voucher Instead****       I know lots of landlords who think it is a good will gesture to deliver a turkey or a bottle or cookies for the Holidays to their tenants. However we are finding it is not a good idea to get in the habit of giving gifts to tenants. Many of you k...
  With tenants and rental property, chances are you'll have to evict a tenant sooner or later either because the tenant hasn't paid his rent or because strange people keep visiting him at odd hours of the night. Whatever the reason, the tenant hasn't lived up to the terms of the lease agreement a...
If you plan on hosting a holiday party, especially one that has a fairly large guest list there are a few things you need to be aware of and remember. This time of year, slip and fall claims tend to become more common, as snow and ice make exterior pathways slippery and melted remnants sneak indo...
ECONOMIC OUTLOOK                Growth Rate - %             2009             2010          2011         2012Real GDP                        -3.5               3             1.6              2Nonfarm Payroll               -4.4             -0.7           1.1             1.1                % Levels ...
Some very common mistakes are made by landlords everywhere. This is the top 10 common mistakes that you should avoid. These simple tips will also help you to be a better landlord. No matter how bad the rental market becomes, always remember, NO tenant is better than a BAD tenant"! Failure to chec...

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