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  What makes a perfect career? A fulfilling one, high paying, easy money, influencing and the list go on. There are a lot of career opportunities out there that suits our tastes and skills. But what really sets Real Estate Agent career apart? Aside from the fact that it has flexible working hours...
Who wouldn't want to have their dream home right away? I guess -- none. For a first-time home buyer, especially to those in working-class, a starter home is a smart choice. A place of your own with lower expenses sounds good, right? However, prices in starter home category continue to rise in the...
 Be in the know. Here’s the Yonkers' update for May, read all about it. Through the Department of Parks, Recreation & Conservation, the Yonkers Animal Shelter is offering great adoption rates for dogs and cats the first weekend of June! For more information, contact the Yonkers Animal Shelter at...
Is it really a great time to be a seller? Previously we have tackled the millennials drive to own homes. have-young-americans-lost-the-desire-to-own-homes.htmlWe are well aware that young Americans are ready to commit. We also know for a fact that prices continue to incline, this means more money...
 A typical worker nowadays lives from pay-check to pay-check--eat here, grab some drinks there, shop for a new pair of shoes, etc.--with all the money earned slipping through their fingers. Of course, it is hard to allot a portion of one's monthly salary in something that will not give them an in...
Some may outgrow their house and find them too small to live in. Some may have to relocate for a job transfer. Others may have a personal relationship triggers like marriage or break-up. Regardless of the reason, it's inevitable for some of us to sell our house.Let's talk about one key element in...
Homeownership is a necessity. At some point in your life, you have to move out of your parents' house and get a place of your own. It is in everyone's best interest but not without difficulty. In 2016, homeownership had hit a 50-year low -- an unpleasant occurrence. Today, America’s percentage of...
 We all have a distinct definition of success. But most of us consider buying a house as the highest level of triumph. However, not everyone can pay for their dream home in one go, and saving money for it to pay in full takes a huge amount of time. ​ This is why many buyers turn to home loans.  A...
                      Finally, you found your dream home! But it is not yet the end of the story. One significant thing (which is commonly taken for granted) in home buying is having it inspected before closing the deal. Why is it important? Generally, agents suggest that you offer contingent on ...

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