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One of the biggest traps a seller can fall into is confusing features vs. benefits. Often when selling a product or service, sellers merely present a list of features--and that's simply not enough to make a sale. Both features and benefits are equally important for effective advertising copy, but...
There has been a lot of talk regarding when the next recession could be, we all remember that the housing crisis in 2008 caused the last recession. Is there a likelihood of that repeating itself?Economists and analysts know that the country has experienced economic growth for almost a decade. The...
Some say the first is the hardest, in some levels this saying applies in getting your first real estate client if you're a newcomer. But worry no more for we will be giving you three ways to get your first client.There are over 2 million real estate agents in the United States. New agents may fin...
 Home purchases are big decisions made not without hesitation. It's normal to question one's self-capability to pay for such at first. Nevertheless, some brave through this intimidating ordeal and managed just fine.We want to share what the typical first-time homebuyer actually looks like based o...
We have a lot of potential homeowners and families having second thoughts about buying today. Current mortgage rates and home prices intimidate buyers and it's completely understandable. ​With both home prices and mortgage rates increasing this year, many are concerned about a family's ability to...
 Price plays a crucial role in deciding whether an owner will sell his/her home or a buyer will buy it. But how does one set a price that's neither too low not to earn profit nor too high to deter potential buyers?Today we'll talk about how the home appraisal process works. A home appraisal is a ...
 In one of our previous posts, we have discussed why now is the best time to sell your home. For those who have realized and recognized the opportunity, you may find this information very helpful.In today's market, with home prices rising and a lack of inventory, some homeowners may consider tryi...
 As exciting as it is, real estate can truly be tough to those who venture into it unprepared. It's just fair given that the rewards are just as wonderful. Nevertheless, here are five things you should have not just to survive but to thrive in real estate sales.Mindset Without the right mindset, ...
  Should home buyers and savers be worried about the Fed rate hike? Here are a few things we should know about to help us prepare for this impending change.With the Fed announcing another rate hike Wednesday, borrowing costs will head even higher for consumers. The good news is some bank customer...
Whatever venture you decide to go into, it's always right to be equipped with information to know what to expect to be able to thrive. Speaking of which, here are few things you need to know before making the career leap in the real estate industry.1. You Decide How Successful You Are That's righ...

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