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The internet is filled with myths and fake news coming from all platforms, social media sites, blogs and vlogs are amongst the commonly utilized channels. It has conquered politics, entertainment, and product and services alike. Unfortunately, they have infiltrated the real estate market as well....
We got good news for all homeowners who are planning on selling their homes. Studies show a steady increase of up to 0.2 in home sales over the coming year. If you're asking whether or not this is the best time to put your home up in the market, then take a look at the chart below. As we can see,...
When buying groceries, people often pick one product out of the countless others because of one reason, they want to spend their money correctly.Have you ever wondered if you're spending your money correctly on the right mortgage? As Entrepreneur Magazine, a premier source for small business, exp...
It did not take long for Kickstarter to become popular since it was founded in 2009. And it has given birth to a multitude of internet based crowdsourcing and crowdfunding institutions. Only recently has it been utilized to benefits home buyers.Many couples are asking their wedding guests to cont...
It is with my utmost pleasure and excitement to announce that NYREEX has joined eXp Reality. We have started a strong relationship built on logic, trust and a shared vision of unconditionally satisfying our clients in terms of coverage, client experience, and level of service.We are looking forwa...
We are all aware that not everything shown on television is true, even those shown on reality TV shows. And although most reality TV shows about Real Estate try to stay honest to the science and process of home buying and selling, and often comes close to portraying real-life situations. They jus...
If you think about it, it makes sense to pay for something monthly that you know will be yours in a few years time. You can consider your monthly amortization a deposit to your personal savings, only you cannot withdraw cash from it.A study revealed that the median net worth of a homeowner was $2...
Over and over for the past several months now, experts and critics alike, repeatedly sit around to discuss and compare the figures we had a decade ago and how it lead to the infamous housing crisis. They gather amongst themselves to brainstorm about how our current numbers may lead to another hou...
Every homebuyer has a must-have list in their minds when choosing their dream home. Anything from walk-in closets, to a carport for four to backyard patio. Admit it, you have one in mind too. Here are the top five must-have items people are willing to cross out their list just to get a home withi...
Whether it's because of proximity to work or business or simply because your family has grown. You will come to think at some point that your home cannot keep up with your needs anymore.It may seem hard to imagine that the first home you purchased (which made your dreams come true) might not be t...

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